Being a Mother and Studying at The Same Time

Many mothers decide to go back to school, which is an option full of both sacrifices and rewards. 
Being a Mother and Studying at The Same Time

Last update: 30 December, 2018

W hen women decide to take on being a mother and studying at the same time, it’s not easy. But with a lot of effort and sacrifice, it can be done.

Many mothers find themselves in a position where they need to spend quality time with their kids and also dedicate time to their own personal growth, which sometimes means getting more education.

These plans may have been postponed due to pregnancy or new ambitions. Either way, being a mother and studying at the same time is a complex task.

When making the decision of being a mother and studying at the same time, one of the points that’ll help motivate you to reach your goal is to know that, by obtaining a university degree, postgraduate or master’s degree, you’re contributing to a better future for your whole family.

With a higher education, the possibilities for finding a better job or starting your own business will be much greater.

While on this new path, the most important thing to remember is to stay focused. Choose a flexible curriculum which you know you can accomplish. Also design a schedule that’ll give you enough time to complete your motherly and school duties.

If you manage to distribute your time well and stay disciplined, your chances of success are going to increase significantly.

It’s essential that you fill your mind with positive thoughts while crossing this tough path. Unfortunately, there will always be people with negative attitudes and comments who will question your abilities. Concentrate on your objectives and ignore any external agent that wants to derail you.

Being a mother and studying at the same time

Being meticulously organized and disciplined is the key to everything. Having a complete plan that you can carry out will allow everything to fall into place.

At times, fatigue will overcome you, the children will yell or cry, and you might feel despair over small situations that are out of your control.

Being a Mother and Studying at The Same Time

However, this is normal and should be expected when you’re ambitious and give yourself big goals. To make carrying these responsibilities a bit easier, we recommend that you follow these steps:

Good organization and discipline

Being a mother and studying at the same time means that you’ll have to organize yourself to have enough time to complete your school work. This also means that you’ll have to keep your household and motherly duties on different schedules.

The most practical option is to take advantage of the hours when your children are at school. If you have children who aren’t old enough to go to school yet, you could consider taking them to a daycare or hiring a babysitter to help you have more time to study.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your children at a nursery or in the care of a nanny, you’ll have to follow a strict schedule of planned activities.

They should have a schedule for eating, napping, and bathing, among other activities. Based on this, you’ll be able to know what the best times during the day are for studying without interruptions.

Nowadays, studying from home has never been easier since there are plenty of options to take online courses. For those who are planning on being a mother and studying at the same time, this is an excellent tool.

If you study remotely, the time you would’ve otherwise invested in commuting could be used for something else, such as reading or finishing homework.

Feeling overwhelmed? Breathe and take a break

Having so many responsibilities on top of feeling pressured by multiple factors of your new rhythm of life can be overwhelming for any mother.

That’s why the most advisable thing to do is be honest with yourself and set attainable goals for yourself that can you know you can reach.

Try not to burden yourself with too many courses at once. Take one or two to start with, that’s more than enough at first. After your first experience, you’ll have a chance to measure your capacities and decide whether you can add or, on the contrary, reduce the burden.

If you manage to distribute your time properly and stay disciplined, your chances of success increase significantly.

Likewise, it’s necessary to find time to rest and recharge. You should try to avoid having breakdowns due to fatigue.

Having good nutrition will help keep you active. Remember that it’s vital to take care of your body and your mind so that your willpower doesn’t diminish.


Effort and sacrifice are always necessary to achieve any goal in life. Taking this into account, a good predisposition will make a difference.

Your studies will absorb a lot of time, so you should always be aware that you’ll have less time for recreational activities such as trips to parks, cinemas, parties and, possibly, family gatherings.

However, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to get depressed. Stay focused on your objectives and keep a clear understanding of what you are required to do.

You have to understand that it’s a temporary sacrifice and that, sooner rather than later, it’ll bring benefits and personal satisfaction for the whole family.

Being a Mother and Studying at The Same Time

Enjoy the experience to the fullest

Life as a student is usually unforgettable, and motherhood is, without a doubt, the best stage in a woman’s life. By joining these two facets, all you can do is enjoy them.

Take advantage of everything that comes with being a mother and studying at the same time. Both good and bad experiences can leave us with essential teachings.

Studying doesn’t mean that you have to leave your family aside. Many times they’re the ones who encourage us to reach our goals. Balance is essential when coping with the burden of home and academic life without any significant setbacks.

The essential thing of being a mother and studying at the same time is to feel satisfied with the decisions you’ve made. Accept every sacrifice with a positive attitude, and, with organization and support from the family, enjoy the experience.

When you realize that you can do it, you’ll undoubtedly feel capable of taking on new and much more exciting challenges.

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