4 Valuable Lessons Children Teach Us

Children are great miniature teachers if we really pay attention. Today, we'll tell you about 4 valuable lessons children teach us.
4 Valuable Lessons Children Teach Us
Elena Sanz Martín

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

In our eagerness to educate little ones, we may forget that they, in turn, are our best teachers. The lessons children teach us unfold before our eyes every day. We just need to be open to receiving them and be willing to begin to see the world through their eyes.

Because before social impositions and rules clip their wings, before guilt or shame make an appearance in their lives, children are free, pure, and innocent beings. So let’s learn from them!

Valuable lessons that children teach us


Children are true masters of forgiveness. They lack the bitterness and resentment that we adults are accustomed to harboring inside. You’ve often seen children fight or get angry with each other and then, a few minutes later, continue playing together as if nothing had happened.

Moreover, if you’re a mother, you may have felt your heart warm when you realize how forgiving your little one is. Perhaps, at one point, you lost your temper, raised your voice, or said something hurtful. However, when you went to apologize to your child, you found that they’d already forgiven you, that they were no longer angry, and that they welcomed you with open arms.

4 Valuable Lessons Children Teach Us

Children teach us that pride leads nowhere. That resentment only poisons the soul and distances us from those we love. So follow their example: Forgive quickly and be happy.


Humility is the ability to recognize our virtues and limitations, as well as those of others. It’s knowing our value and that of those around us, and also being aware that we all have areas for improvement.

As adults, we often find it difficult to accept our failures or our ignorance in some matter. We’re afraid to ask questions for fear of appearing inept and we always try to portray an impeccable and superior image of ourselves.

Children, free from such judgments, ask questions without hesitation. They want to learn, to explore, to satisfy their curiosity. They don’t hesitate to turn to others to resolve their questions and concerns. And, in the same way, they teach what they know with kindness, affection, and patience, without a hint of arrogance.

All you need to do is observe how a young child teaches their grandparents how to use new technologies to be amazed by their magnificent disposition. Let’s learn from them that we all have something to teach and something to learn, and that it’s wonderful to be able to turn to each other to grow in knowledge.

The lessons children teach us about friendship

How often, as adults, have we envied children’s ability to relate to one another, and the simplicity with which they do it. A “Will you be my friend?” is enough. A “Can I play?” is all you need to become part of a new group. Little ones trust themselves and others, so they’re not afraid to approach others or show vulnerability.

4 Valuable Lessons Children Teach Us

In the same way, before being contaminated with adult ideas, they’re unaware of exclusion and intolerance. All people are welcome in their games, antics, and conversations. Let’s adopt their untainted perspective, their faith in human beings, and their capacity to welcome others.


Finally, one of the greatest lessons children teach us is that a smile is always the best attire. That life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest, to laugh, and to be authentic. It’s okay to have fun and get messy!

What does a messed-up ponytail matter if I can run as fast as lightning? What does a paint-stained T-shirt matter if I’m creating art? And who cares if my clothes don’t match if I love these clothes and feel fabulous? A smile is all you need to look and feel perfectly fine.

Children and their valuable lessons

Ultimately, we have a lot to learn from children. Certainly, their way of seeing the world may not be very functional for an adult. Whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to the societies in which we live.

However, living with children is our opportunity to rescue the illusion and emotion that we left along the way while growing up. It’s a time to remember that sometimes life is simpler than we think.


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