6 Series That Teach Values to Children

Today we want to tell you about 6 series that teach values to children. They're fun, educational, and a great way to spend time as a family.
6 Series That Teach Values to Children

Last update: 28 September, 2021

In current times, we need to make use of all the resources available for the education of our children. Therefore, today. we want to talk about 6 series that teach values to children.

Why should we teach values to our children? Because it’s about voluntary, conscious, and intelligent learning that needs to be instilled by other people.

“Education in values is justified by the need that individuals have to commit ourselves to certain ethical principles, which help us to evaluate our own actions and those of others.”

-Serafín Antúnez-

To educate in values, we must complement our actions with those of the school and, in this regard, screens are a useful resource to teach while we enjoy time together as a family. So, what do you think about the idea?

Streaming and TV: Two great allies for finding quality content

Below, we’ll present a list of series that teach values to children and that are very easy to understand at any age. They’re based on funny, everyday stories that your little ones will love.

1. Masha and the Bear

This is an original Russian series with several seasons, which you can find on Netflix and other similar platforms. The main characters are Masha, a girl who lives in the forest, and a bear, who accompanies her on her adventures and antics.

These cartoons teach values about the friendship between two apparently different beings and respect for nature and animals.

Children playing in the grass.

2. Jelly Jamm

From the creators of Pocoyo, this TV series is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 7.

Five characters intervene in the stories, each one of a different color: Mina, Bello, Goomo, Rita, and Ongo. They live in Jammbo, a very special and imaginary place.

Through this series, you can instill core values such as friendship, teamwork, and the importance of collective effort.

3. Doc McStuffins

This is a Disney + series that stars little Doc McStuffins, a six-year-old toy doctor. This girl communicates with her stuffed animals and other toys and brings them to her clinic whenever they need help.

Through the stories, children can learn about solidarity, the vocation to help others, and empathy. This series promotes understanding and a healthy approach toward different situations of daily life.

4. Caillou

This is a classic that’s always applicable to daily life. Caillou is a Canadian TV series released in 1998, which you can find on Netflix and other such platforms.

The contents explore the stories of Caillou’s family and daily situations from his own point of view. These are intimately connected with values such as respect for grandparents, cultural diversity, equality, and gender equity.

5. Ricky Zoom

This is a cartoon series in which a group of motorcycles star in adventurous stories. It’s available on Netflix and various other platforms.

Ricky Zoom and his friends are young motorcycles living in Wheelford, an imaginary city where they perform heroic rescues.

Values such as respect and admiration for parents (Hank and Helen), brotherly love (with their little sister Toot Zoom), and teamwork are transmitted in the different episodes. In addition, something very original about this series is the way it deals with the subject of genders, as it eliminates stereotypes at the root.

6. Shaun the Sheep

This animated series stars Shaun, a quiet and thoughtful sheep who lives on a farm with his friend Shirley, his cousin Timmy, a cat names Pidsley and a dog named Bitzer. It’s available on Netflix and YouTube.

The situations that arise on the farm require everyone’s help to solve, but the characters aren’t very intelligent. Shaun must manage to be creative and convince others to do things without getting angry or losing patience.

It’s an ideal way to teach children the value of peace, non-violence, and the use of dialogue when differences arise.

Series that teach values to children: When technology educates

It’s impossible to deny the value of technology in educational processes and the advantages it can offer. In addition, it’s an inexhaustible source of content.

Today, there are applications to learn any subject (such as geography or history), YouTube channels with excellent educational resources, and interactive programs that are used in virtual classrooms around the world.

All technological resources are valid to educate and these series that teach values to children are no exception.

So, take advantage of them at home and share their fun adventures with your children. Help them understand the stories they see and discover their hidden messages: Values for life.

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