Why Is It Important for Children to Tidy up Their Room?

Instilling the habit of keeping their space tidy will help children develop a sense of responsibility and self-care.
Why Is It Important for Children to Tidy up Their Room?
Elena Sanz Martín

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

One of the most frequent conflicts in all households is at the time of parents asking their children to tidy up their room. Their disobedience is quite frustrating, especially considering that this is one of the few tasks and responsibilities they have throughout the day.

However, perhaps the problem arises precisely because we approach it as an imposition. When this happens, resistance and reluctance often arise, as well as a certain power struggle between parents and children. Nonetheless, if we succeed in conveying it as an act of self-care rather than an obligation, perhaps their reaction will change.

Why is it important for children to tidy up their room?

The environment is a reflection of your inner state

An act as simple as keeping your room tidy and orderly, helps develop important values and attitudes in children. First, it favors a clearer mind and a harmonious inner state. It’s said that our space is a reflection of our interior, that a chaotic environment is the result of a confused and unsettled mind.

Why Is It Important for Children to Tidy up Their Room?

But this relationship is bi-directional. Living in a disorganized and neglected space promotes feelings of stress and lack of clarity in children. It can also cause concentration problems and difficulties while studying. Likewise, it’ll affect sleep because in order to get a good rest, a clean and orderly environment is essential.

Fosters responsibility

Obviously, keeping the room orderly fosters responsibility. This is the value we must try to instill in our children: responsibility, and not obedience. A home is a space shared by several people who have their specific role when it comes to taking care of it. And, as part of the family, children must also collaborate. As children, their tasks are few, but equally important.

The little ones must understand that they must tidy up their room, not out of obedience, but out of love and cooperation, just as the other members of the family do. They’re all a team, and they grow together in order to enjoy a nice and welcoming home. Their contribution is as valuable as that of the rest, so it must be seen by children as something desirable, something to be proud of: being part of a loving family in which everyone looks after everyone and after the space they share.

Boosts self-love and self-care

Finally, let’s try to instill in children the habit of tidying up their room as an act of self-love. This is the place of the house that belongs to them, where they can go to relax and be alone. It is their sanctuary, and they deserve to enjoy a pleasant environment that conveys  positive emotions.

If children truly feel their room as their own, they’ll easily accept the responsibility of taking care of it. Therefore, we should let them choose the decoration, and the place where they want to put each book, toy and object. Likewise, we should respect their independence. If we want the little ones to take responsibility for this space, we must allow them to feel like it’s theirs.

Why Is It Important for Children to Tidy up Their Room?

We should knock on the door before going in, and avoid repositioning or rearranging things to our liking. We must respect their space so that they respect it too. By taking responsibility for their room, they’ll learn to take responsibility for themselves. They’ll see how the daily effort makes their room beautiful and creates a great environment that invites them to play and spend time.

This way it’ll be easier for them to understand that the same goes for people. If each day we take care of ourselves, we stay healthy and happy. But if, on the contrary, we neglect and abandon ourselves, we may end up getting sick or feeling bad.

Encourage children to tidy up their room

So, encourage your children to keep their room orderly and tidy. And do so by promoting values such as family cooperation, self-love, and self-responsibility. Tell them that doing so will help them sleep better, be more comfortable in their space, and be proud of themselves.

A sincere request is always better received than an imposition. Also, acquiring values is always healthier in the long run than obeying blindly.

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