The Work of a Pedagogue at School

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The Work of a Pedagogue at School
María Matilde

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

The work of a pedagogue at school is to educate children and work with other professionals, professors, teachers, speech therapists, principals, technicians, and health professionals, among others. Their main function is to comprehensively train students at a school.

A pedagogue is a professional dedicated to the field of pedagogy, which is the science that aims to study education with the intention of organizing it through different methodologies and techniques.

Pedagogy draws on other sciences, such as psychology, sociology, or philosophy, to analyze the educational phenomenon in its entirety and fulfill certain purposes corresponding to the type of citizen it wants to form.

The work of a pedagogue at school

The work of a pedagogue at school encompasses many areas and refers to many activities and actions, mostly associated with support and guidance. These functions are:

The Work of a Pedagogue at School

Designing educational projects

This consists of planning educational processes, within education systems and specific areas of curriculum, and following regulatory requirements and established goals.

Educational support programs

A pedagogue tailors education programs to the teaching and learning needs of each individual student.

Teacher training

This consists of supporting, counseling, and training the teachers who work at a school.

Designing teaching materials

This refers both to the design of materials and other educational resources, adapted to the characteristics of the school and its students.


Orientation falls into the field of vocational and career counseling. It involves linking specific skills with opportunities in the work sphere, as well as academic environments that meet students’ specific learning needs. In addition, this involves personal orientation that assists and prevents psychological and interpersonal problems.

Designing learning materials

Based on a curriculum project, pedagogues design teaching and learning strategies and methodologies and select the resources and materials adapted to the students’ needs.

Applying and designing diagnostic techniques and tools

For example, this is necessary in order to justify a concrete educational action in the case of specific learning needs and learning difficulties.

The Work of a Pedagogue at School

Developing evaluation processes and educational research

This involves school projects and programs, and working alongside other professionals.

Designing, implementing and evaluating e-learning programs

This refers to education and training through ICT (information and communications technology).

Conclusions on the work of a pedagogue

In short, we could say that a pedagogue is specifically trained to carry out many different functions. However, the work of a pedagogue at school must always be developed jointly and collaboratively with other educational agents.

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