This Short Film Will Teach Your Child The Value Of Friendship

This Short Film Will Teach Your Child The Value Of Friendship

Last update: 24 October, 2017

If you want to convey the value of friendship to your children, don’t hestitate to show them Monsterbox. This amazing and entertaining short animation will leave you perplexed. It is ideal for grownups and children alike, as well as a great option when it comes to developing emotional intelligence.

Monsterbox uses music to transport you and a world of live colors to capture your attention. This moving short film is about emotions and feelings born of noble and genuine gestures.

Monsterbox is about indestructible friendship. There is nothing more powerful than appreciating the difference between people, accepting and respecting them. Sincere affection and interest show us that in the end, people are united by our hearts.

The creators of this wonderful piece are Ludovic Gavillet, Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson and Colin Jean-Saunier. To the surprise of many, this moving short film was nothing more than their end-of-the-year project.

You still haven’t seen it? Go on, you’ll love it!

Protagonists that understand the value of friendship.

The protagonists of this audiovisual project are an old man and a young girl. At the beginning, they have very little in common. In a secondary role, there are also a series of “strange creatures” that don’t seem to fit in.

The movie invites us to reflex on this point. If people only interacted with those that they share “similarities” with, this will result in their isolation from a lot of interesting experiences. Respect and integration should come along with differences. These are two vital values for life in society.

Value of friendship

The sum of equal parts isn’t always the best. Unity, regardless of age, taste, gender or skin color, is what makes strong bonds. Empathy is basically the secret of friendship. It is enough to just listen, care and share in order to understand the true value of friendship.

Monsterbox shows us that understanding can exist between generations, opposite sexes, interests, views and ways of life. Even under these circumstances, an interesting and intense bond can be forged.

It is a piece that portrays human feelings with incredible clarity. Fears, hopes, needs, solidarity, generosity and the yearnings that we all share. Without using words, the action and images transports us to a magical world where the purest feelings reside.

Monsterbox sends a message highlighting the value of friendship

Protagonists show the value of friendship

Monsterbox without a doubt offers a deep reflection. Nothing more or nothing less than rethinking the value of friendship. A bond that should be more visceral, sincere, unconditional and loyal. A bond that is born of inexhaustible patience and understanding.

The priceless value of friendship that isn’t the product of the classic “because we are the same”. The conclusion is clear and unmistakable: Long live each and everyone of our differences! This is what sooner or later nourishes the soul of every human being.

The differences that we all have are what leave imprints on hearts. Therefore, what is different should never be considered as a threat. The combination and harmony of differences is what makes unbreakable bonds.

This short animation also shows the importance of developing emotional intelligence. Characters of different ages, shapes and sizes can coexist in a spectacular manner, complimenting each other’s differences, providing companionship and leaving selfishness behind.

In this short film, different generations and races interact without any difficulty. They do this by understanding the needs of others, accepting and respecting their tastes and interests. Find what is lacking and be willing to give what little you have. Do this in exchange for nothing, just in the name of love.

Here it is for you to enjoy!

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