Reading Children's Stories About Bears

Fostering a reading habit through stories is important for children's intellectual growth. Not only is this activity educational but it also increases children's sensitivity to values as they mature.
Reading Children's Stories About Bears

Last update: 28 February, 2019

In general, children love animals. Doing activities related to animals can be very fun. For this reason, reading children’s stories about bears is an enriching and pleasant family activity. 

Stories are a literary resource to keep on hand for any occasion. They stimulate children’s imagination and enhance their vocabulary. Reading as a family is a fun, educational activity that hasn’t gone out of style.

You can find things to read about bears in all kinds of publications, including newspapers, cultural magazines, and educational texts.

Children’s stories are full of magic, colors, and lessons about values. This makes them very attractive for the hard-to-please younger audience. Every day more and more children join the exciting and fun adventures you can find in reading stories.

How can I choose stories for my children?

It’s important to choose texts with eye-catching titles and that will attract young readers. It’s also a good idea to read the description of the book. Don’t let yourself get carried away just by a pretty cover.

Stories and fables tend to be what kids are most attracted to. Their pleasant stories about magic and fantasy ensure hours of healthy entertainment. 

Looking for children’s stories about bears can be a fun activity for the whole family. You can take advantage of this time to start a new habit for parents and children.

Children tend to bond with one animal in particular. Some stories about bears tell sweet tales in which this animal appears in a tame light. 

Bears, with their distinctive appearance, are an eye-catching animal, whether for their colors, diet, size, or habits. Through reading, children can imagine this majestic animal in a never-before-seen light: playing with other animals, happy and  joyful.

The purpose of children’s stories about bears is to make children aware of the importance of bears in nature. Through these tales, children learn more about this wonderful animal, and learn to love and respect them as they deserve.

“Reading stories about bears as a family is an enriching and pleasant activity. Bears, in stories, are friendly and jovial animals.”

Children’s stories with bears

There are many children’s stories about bears. May fables and beautiful stories celebrate them as they deserve. Here, we recommend a few of the most famous examples.

It’s Very Cold, Bear!

This story, written by Émile Jadoul, tells the story of an adorable bear who is walking through the forest wrapped up in a scarf, hat, and boots. When he decides to go home, it starts snowing. As he walks home, he meets other animals who are trying to hide from the winter cold.

The bear, then, decides to let a rabbit, two birds, and three mice shelter in his house, who are cared for tenderly by Mama Bear. Without a doubt, this a story that reflects the value of friendship and kindness. It’s perfect for school-age children. 

Reading Children's Stories About Bears

Where Bear?

This is the story of a bear cub who lives with a boy. It was written by Sophy Henn. In the story, the main characters have good experiences and become good friends.

Time passes and they grow up, but the bear grows up faster. When the bear is full grown, he’s huge, which makes the house too small for him.

The child, worried, proposes that they look for a better house for the bear. So begins their new adventure, searching everywhere for a new home. The places they propose and visit don’t fit what the bear needs, so he decides to go to his natural habitat.

Finally, when the bear settles in, the two friends separate and swear to have a strong and true friendship forever. This book shows friendship as a precious, unconditional, unique, and true treasure.

Enjoy reading these enchanting stories with your children. Taste the sweetness of fantasy again, this time as a mother. Your children will always remember it. 


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