Teach Your Daughter The Importance of Living Naturally

Teach Your Daughter The Importance of Living Naturally

Last update: 26 June, 2018

Living naturally and embracing natural beauty have become decidedly unpopular among young girls today.

Young girls these days are, unfortunately, totally overexposed to advertising. Social media is one of the main culprits for this. Many of these ads are for different types of beauty items.

Today it’s common to see girls star in online tutorials about beauty tips. On the screen you can see young girls between 8 and 12 years old putting on makeup and even advising on how to deal with imperfections in their bodies.

This trend has caused young girls to miss out on their childhood in so many ways.

Teaching children to live naturally, and with natural beauty, is the challenge facing parents these days. What an important task it is to teach your daughters the importance of their innate beauty, and also the importance of acceptance and self-love.

Living naturally

Throughout the process of teaching children to live naturally, the lesson should start at home. First of all, reinforcing the safety and self-esteem of the children.

Self love

The basis of living naturally is learning to love ourselves as we really are. To do this, we must avoid comparisons and stereotypes.

It’s common for girls to seek to imitate their idols. The problem is that, in most cases, these idols are far older than they are.

Because of this we need to remind our children to live each stage of their lives to the fullest and not get ahead of themselves.

Teach Your Daughter The Importance of Living Naturally

In addition to this, we should teach them that not everybody is the same. Current trends indicate that girls try to look like their idols because they believe that their natural beauty isn’t attractive to other people. This, of course, is completely wrong.

Inner beauty

Not all that glitters is gold. The true beauty of an individual lies in their personality. It’s a good idea to instill this way of thinking in girls in order to reinforce their genuineness. A strong personality can withstand social pressure.

Many girls, however, mistakenly believe that looking older will make them more popular. In some cases, that may well happen. However, they will be exposed to many dangers by appearing to be older than they really are.

Capacity and personal achievements aren’t associated only with outer beauty. People’s competencies and abilities are what lead them to achieve goals.

Building self-confidence in girls will help them grow up into capable women. Living naturally implies embracing both our qualities and flaws, and knowing how to take advantage of both when we require them.

What are the correct ages?

Some specialists suggest that the correct age to start putting on makeup is when a girl’s circle of friends starts to do it.

However, in view of the precociousness of adolescents these days, it’s vital that parents decide what criteria should be adhered to.

  • When girls start to show interest in putting on makeup and looking nice, the mother should act as a role model. The parents should be the best example for the children. Saying one thing and doing the opposite only means we’re sending contradictory messages to our children. When we’re their role model, it will be easier to establish limits.
  • Some parents allow their daughters to use makeup at home. This can encourage a girl’s curiosity and can turn it into a habit.
  • Ideally, these decisions should be accompanied by explanations. For your daughter to understand that everything has its time, according to their age, is the best way for your daughter not to challenge your authority.
  • A common mistake is to prohibit it at all costs. When a child is prohibited from doing something, their immediate reaction is to do exactly what she has been told not to do.
Teach Your Daughter The Importance of Living Naturally

Recommendations for parents

Set an example

In the first place, parents should set a good example. Some mothers find it amusing to take their young daughters to the hairdresser, let them paint their nails or walk around the house with high heels.

Unintentionally, what they’re doing is arousing curiosity in the girl. As time goes by, the girl will want to try new things, and this will make it difficult to establish clear boundaries.

Keep communicating

During pre-adolescence, it’s important to maintain good communication with your children. In the case of girls, attending to their inquisitiveness is vital.

We must establish a relationship in which the girls feel confident to talk about their feelings and interests, and where parents can also state their position and the rules of coexistence.

If their family doesn’t provide this sort of environment then it’s most likely that the girl will look for them outside the home.

First of all, parents should be sure that in the rules and advice they give their daughters they must be seeking what is best for them.

In addition, they should ensure they don’t send out contradictory messages and always adhere to the rules they have set for themselves.


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