The Miracle of Life

The miracle of life is a wonderful gift. It allows us to form a family and makes us better, more responsible, and more serene people.
The Miracle of Life

Last update: 24 February, 2022

Life is something that can be truly ineffable, incredible, difficult to express in words, such is its magic. What do we mean when we say that something is ineffable? Very simple, this adjective serves to refer to that which can’t be explained with words, something so extraordinary that there’s no way to adequately describe it. Many characters have dedicated their entire lives to reflection, and as a result, we have some approximations. Thanks to such reflections, we can better approach what the miracle of life means.

The miracle of life must be appreciated

Many times, we try to put words to it, but in the end, we understand that life is something to be appreciated rather than defined. Yes, you can talk about life, you can study it, but nothing can ever come to explain what it is.

There are things that can’t be described without falling into prose. Some of them are the feeling of the baby inside the womb, kicking and moving; childbirth; or the bittersweet sensation of not knowing if we’re up to par. Let’s not forget the first time we hold our baby in our arms or the first time they call us mommy.

All these moments are fixed in our memory. Often, we like to think that these also remain, in some way, engraved in our souls. It’s said that everyone is different and so is every life experience. What doesn’t bother you, may terrify someone else… and the things you detest may be pleasing to others, and so on.

A glowing light coming out of a persons hands.

Regardless of the point of view from which you look at it, the miracle of life is fascinating. A sperm manages to pass the barrier of an egg and in a few seconds, everything changes. A series of processes begin inside the woman’s body, and the uterus begins to prepare for the lucky tenant. A being that promises to change the lives of those around it, causing joy and smiles, but above all, this new being will make us think about the miracle of life.

The miracle of life: Perfect evolution

Beyond biology, science, and letters, life travels through mysterious paths. Perhaps we can never cease to be amazed by this miracle. The more we know about this marvelous mechanism, the more astonishing it seems to us.

Gestation itself is a process that fills us with emotion and surprise. Nature itself helps us with its wisdom: Eight days after the egg and sperm consolidate their union, a protective hormone develops. This will prevent the mother’s body from rejecting the new child. Life is already beginning to take shape and we’re barely aware of it.

All this happens in a very short time. So little that we barely have time to react. We only know that a baby grows inside the womb and that, day by day, a series of highly complex processes take place, overcoming nothingness again and again. After the sweet wait, this tenant will come into the world and with it, will come the celebration of a new being, a new life.

Parents snuggling with their baby girl.

Life seems to be designed to overcome nothingness and constitute, in itself, an ode to existence.

A new adventure

From the first moment of gestation, you have a lot of experiences. Having a child changes you, not only physically, but also emotionally. In this sense, life takes on a new meaning–it’s filled with meaning.

Motherhood humanizes us, gives us purpose and, at the same time, gives us the opportunity to marvel at the miracle of life. It also gives us empathy and sensitivity and that causes us to create, strengthen, and maintain bonds of great transcendence.

A new life is a miracle because it has the power to change us and to make us realize that the answers we thought we’d found in it can never be static or permanent. It makes us better people and makes us care about the well-being of others. The love we harbor for a baby is transferred to all the things around us, bringing us great happiness.

More than defining, let’s try to fully enjoy this new opportunity that life grants us. Let’s be aware of the wonder that biology has allowed us to experience and let’s play with the thousand and one answers it offers us. After all, in doubt there is life.

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