When Our Parents Die, They Become Invisible and Rest in Our Hearts

No matter how old we are, losing a mom or dad is painful. But when our parents die, they become invisible and rest in our hearts.
When Our Parents Die, They Become Invisible and Rest in Our Hearts

Last update: 11 November, 2021

Parents don’t die, they settle in our hearts. And although time passes and we’re adults, nothing compares to the love we feel for them . Without seeing them, without being able to touch them, we have that deep feeling in our soul and we know that will be eternal.

How could we not love them? How can we not miss them? If they welcomed us into the world and made us the people we are today. Despite their mistakes, as no one’s perfect, there’s no doubt that parents are a source of irreplaceable love even after they’ve left us.

A man and a small boy holding hands and looking out over the water at sunset.

When our parents die, they become invisible and live in our hearts

We’d give so much to see them again! Listen to their laugh, their voice, their life lessons in the least expected moments . The knowing look and the hug we received in those moments in which we said that everything was fine, but our parents knew that something was going on.

The protection and care our parents give us can’t be matched by anyone. The love of a mom or a dad is more faithful than that described in the vows promised at weddings. “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish…”, our parents are always there.

Parents rest in our hearts

Every word, every gesture, every piece of advice is stored in our memory, even the images of those special occasions. After years of being our personal guides on the path of life, parents leave an indelible mark on our soul.

All the teachings received now are part of the tools we use on a daily basis. This is how our parents stay in our hearts. Just like that, they give us protection even though they are not with us physically .

And yes, from the day they left, we knew that nothing was going to be the same. In the midst of the intense pain that we felt when we lost them, we only wanted to turn back time, freeze the happiest moments, and settle in their arms.

A grandmother and grandchild looking at a family album.

When parents leave us too soon

When our parents die early in life, emotional processes can change radically. It’s not easy to say “goodbye” and mourn in childhood. And no matter how much grandparents or uncles try to take responsibility and take their place, that place will be untouchable .

Physical absence doesn’t imply that there’s a feeling of absolute emptiness, as the teachings of our parents stay with us and new chapters of learning open ahead. In addition, we still have the photos, certain objects, the garden that they cared for so much, and hopefully, those secret recipes for their delicious dishes.

Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad!

Thank you for teaching me the meaning of life from your perspective, for accompanying me at every stage of my development, and for pushing me to be better. Thank you for telling me that I can do it.

Now I have your spiritual hugs, kisses, and that unconditional love that you’ve given me . Today more than ever, I can say that you didn’t die, you became invisible and are resting in my heart.

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