7 Activities with Colorful Balloons for You and Your Baby

7 Activities with Colorful Balloons for You and Your Baby
María José Roldán

Reviewed and approved by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Colorful balloons are an excellent way to provide your baby with sensory stimulation. Their colors and movements stimulate babies’ vision, and their texture helps babies learn about a material they haven’t yet had contact with.

Colorful balloons are one of those things mothers always have on hand and that are great for catching a little one’s attention. In order to learn about the world around them, babies need very little.

Activities with colorful balloons for you and your baby

Colorful balloons tied to baby’s ankles

Babies love to kick. At the same time, they love objects that move.

Keep in mind the characteristics of childhood itself and tie a pair of colorful balloons to your baby’s ankles. You will see immediately how enthusiastically he moves his legs and watches how the balloons move.

If you place your baby in front of a mirror where he can see himself entirely, his enthusiasm will turn into a frenzy.

Color is the touch of the eye, music to the deaf, a word out of darkness.

—Orhan Pamuk—

Colorful balloons hung over baby’s bed

balloons from pixar film

Hang various ballo0ns over your baby’s bed so that he can touch them and appreciate the different colors.

It’s a good idea to place the balloons in a position and at a distance that make it easy and comfortable for your baby to reach them.

Allow your baby to entertain himself and “converse” for a while with the balloons until he gets bored. Then, place a fan nearby that sways and makes the balloons dance around in different directions.

Helium balloons

Find a place that sells helium balloons and let them loose in your baby’s room.

Close the doors and windows so that none of the balloons escape and leave the air conditioning on at a comfortable temperature.

The air from the air conditioning (or a fan) will make the balloons “walk” back and forth across the ceiling.

Your child will be delighted by the hustle and bustle going on over his head!

Water balloons

Bathtime isn’t always a pleasant time for babies.

Many babies adore water. But there are always some babies that aren’t comfortable in the bathtub, and they cry while their parents try to wash them up.

Before you take your baby to the bathtub, place some balloons floating around in the water. Whether your child is one of those babies that loves to splash around in the water or one that hates to take a bath, this trick will be a hit.

If your baby can already sit up, he may want to entertain himself by playing around with the floating balloons for a while.

Balloons with toys inside

activities you can do with colorful balloons

Gather up some transparent balloons and place a toy in each one.

The balloons should be see-through so that your child can easily observe their content. The toys that you choose should be made of lightweight plastic or cloth.

Open the mouth of the balloon and push the toy inside. Take the balloon and blow it up as usual, just as you would with any other balloon. Tie it up with a knot and you’re ready to go! Just make sure not to fill it up too much.

Stimulate your child’s sense of hearing

Balloons aren’t just good for stimulating the senses of sight and touch. They can also be used to stimulate your baby’s sense of hearing.

In order to do this, stand in front of your baby and place a balloon in your hands. Make the balloon squeel by running one of your fingers along its surface.

At first, you’ll see that your child sits very still and listens to what’s going on. But as soon as he realizes that it’s a game, he’ll start moving his arms around out of pure enjoyment.

Use balloons to help your child eat more

It’s not always the case, but in general, when babies are interested in something, they pay less attention to how much they eat and what they are eating.

If balloons capture your baby’s attention, and she’s one of those little ones that sometimes doesn’t like to eat, perhaps you can use this alternative to distract her attention towards the balloons. If so, she will eat while she observes them.

Give your baby the balloon she likes the best and allow him to cover it with baby food. She might like this and be motivated to eat the food you offer her.

Any idea that helps your baby eat better is a good idea, right?

Remember, mom: When your baby is playing with balloons, you need to put safety first.

Keep in mind that ballons, unlike other toys, can easily break. Their broken pieces may attract your little one’s attention and he may be tempted to put them in his mouth.

Allow your children to play with balloons, but never take your eyes off of him.


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