10 Gifts That Aren't Toys for Children

Take advantage of these ideas for gifts that aren't toys and teach your little ones that living is better than having.
10 Gifts That Aren't Toys for Children

Last update: 08 February, 2022

Your child’s birthday is fast approaching and you still don’t know what to give them? You can’t miss this list of good ideas for gifts that aren’t toys. Your children are sure to love them!

The purpose is to get out of the consumerism of giving material objects and share experiences and quality time with your little ones. Because moments of happiness create unforgettable memories for everyone, which are worth much more than toys.

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Gifts that aren’t toys for children

“People talk more about experiential gifts than material ones, and it’s just such social interaction that bestows greater happiness.”

-Amit Kumar, Social Psychologist

1. Buy a family pass to the amusement park

The idea is to replace what you’re going to spend on toys with a ticket to an amusement park for the whole family.

The advantage of this option is that all children love the rides at these parks, so you’re guaranteed a unique and fun-filled day.

Children at an amusement park.

2. Organize a visit to a museum

Nowadays, museums offer many alternatives to entertain children through interactive, recreational, and learning activities.

When choosing the theme, keep in mind that it should be attractive and interesting for your children, such as paleontology, science, sea, or space museums.

3. Give a cooking class as a gift

If your child loves to help you in the kitchen, what better gift than a course to learn simple recipes to make together at home?

Look for a cooking course for children in your city and spend the money you were thinking of spending on toys on this activity. You’ll see that it will teach them much more than a simple toy would.

4. Choose a children’s show

This category has the advantage of offering multiple options that can be free or paid, among which are theater performances and musicals, ballet presentations, recitals, circuses, and much more.

5. Learn music with your children

Hire a private teacher or find a music school to learn to play an instrument with your children. With this activity, you’ll enjoy two things at the same time: Music and spending time with the kids.

Besides, getting involved in art provides children with many benefits that favor their integral development and their academic performance.

6. A game of their favorite team

One of the ideas for gifts that aren’t toys for children is to go to the stadium together and watch a game of their favorite sport.

This is a trip that little ones get very excited about. Imagine their faces when they see their favorite player on the field and can celebrate a goal!

7. Activities to learn about nature and the environment

There are many ecological ideas that you can carry out as a family, such as going to a farm and learning how to take care of animals, collaborating in a community garden, and even taking a course to create your own garden at home.

You can also find out in your community about cooperative activities such as beach clean-up days or actions to support organizations that work to preserve the environment.

8. Prepare a camping trip to a natural park

Spending a vacation in a camping site is an enriching experience for the whole family, as in these places, children are safe, play in freedom, and connect with nature. All this is very beneficial for their physical and mental health.

9. Practice sports with your kids

Physical activity is good for all ages, and if done as a family, quality time is shared and beautiful experiences are achieved.

Practicing sports together fosters communication, complicity, and trust, which translates into a better relationship and family coexistence.

10. Plan a family trip

A child sitting in the back of end of a car while packing to go camping.

Traveling is one of the best experiences, both for adults and children of all ages. And for this reason, it’s a great gift to give them on a special date.

The best thing about this activity is that even babies can participate and have a great time. Even if you already have school-age children, they can help you organize the trip and opt for different pitstops, destinations, and activities – they’ll be excited to participate in the choices!

Take advantage of gifts that aren’t toys

As expressed by psychologist Pilar Gandía Herrero, professor at the University of Murcia, in a note published in the European portal Infosalus, giving experiences can be much better than “buying another object that’s not needed and that will eventually be forgotten”.

While toys are important for children, there are other things that can take their place and create different sensations for them. For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of these ideas that we’ve shared with you.

According to the American Psychological Association, experiential gifts bring incalculable benefits, such as feelings of gratitude and enthusiasm, greater appreciation, socialization, and unforgettable memories. All this makes people more generous, tolerant, and happy.

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