4 Outdoor Games to Liven Up Children's Parties

Outdoor areas are great places to organize children's parties. Here are some easy and fun ideas to liven up these celebrations.
4 Outdoor Games to Liven Up Children's Parties

Last update: 09 June, 2021

Outdoor children’s parties are much more fun if you organize dynamics games. In the following article, we’re going to have a look at some outdoor games to liven up children’s parties – they’re really easy to carry out. We’ve selected games that are quick to explain and that don’t need much preparation.

These outdoor games can be used in children’s parties held in a backyard, in a garden, in a park, or in any other outdoor space. If you’re going to use an open space, then we recommend that you find a way to set limits so that the little ones don’t go off bounds, and that you have plenty of adults to ensure the children don’t go outside of the playing area.

Outdoor games to liven up children’s parties all year round

Outdoor children’s parties are children’s favorites. They’re not always possible, but when you can hold one it’s a good idea to take advantage! It doesn’t have to be hot either – that’s what warm clothes are for!

Some girls running.

Children naturally enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather. This is especially important during school terms during the school period, since at this time, little ones spend a lot of time between four walls.

Some ideas for outdoor games to liven up children’s parties

Here are some ideas for outdoor games for children’s parties to put into practice all year round.

Museum statues

Museum statues is a fun game that kids will always have a great time with. One of the reasons is that it leaves room for their creativity and expression.

It’s a great game for starting a party with, as there’s always music and it’s carried out individually. In this way, they slowly start to lose their inhibitions. It’s an especially good game for shy children.

We start the game by explaining to the children that we’re in a museum. It’s up to the creativity of each child to choose the type of museum or to make up a story for their character. This is the point when the children become the statue of their choice.

The catch here is that the museum is enchanted, and every time the music sounds, the statues come to life and start dancing. But when the music stops, the children become statues again.

This game can last for ages because the children will find new ways to move, stand, and create shapes. You can add whatever variations you like or let the children come up with their own suggestions.

Outdoor games to liven up children’s parties: Simon says

We mustn’t lose sight of the games that have passed from generation to generation, such as Simon says. This simple game has so many possibilities and so much creativity and children really love it. In addition to this, the game adapts itself to the dynamics of the group and the characteristics of each child.

Someone who knows how to play takes on the role of Simon and gives an instruction, starting with the phrase, “Simon says!” And the group has to do whatever Simon asks: run, clap, jump, do monkey impressions, etc. If the phrase isn’t used first, then the group shouldn’t carry out the action stated.

This game is usually played by eliminating the one who performs the actions when they shouldn’t. But, just so you don’t spoil the party, a nice change is to ask those who were “eliminated” to do something funny or something that requires some sort of extra effort. The person who plays Simon can keep changing so that all the children have a chance to take the lead.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunts are always fun team activities. To play this game, children are divided into groups and given a set of clues or objects that they have to find. Whoever finds the most objects within a set amount of time is the winner.

This game requires a lot of preparation, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated. There are many resources on the internet with pre-designed treasure hunts that are often very helpful.

A tug of war.

Outdoor games to liven up children’s parties: game circuit

A game circuit consists of several areas where the children have to carry out specific activities. It’s like a sports circuit, but the activities are more playful.

They don’t have to be complicated activities either. However it is important for them to be varied and creative. To give you an idea, physical activities that involve running, jumping, crawling, etc., can be combined with manual activities, such as painting, riding, searching, etc.


In short, there’s no need to get too complicated when it comes to designing outdoor games for children’s parties. In fact, the simpler they are, the better. This will give the kids the opportunity to express all their creativity.

If you see the kids take the game in a different direction, that’s okay. Stick with whatever they’re doing until you notice interest starting to wane. Then it’s time to change the game.

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