6 Bedtime Books for Your Children

Reading books at bedtime not only helps children fall asleep at night, but it also helps them become more responsible at this time of day.
6 Bedtime Books for Your Children

Last update: 05 March, 2020

Bedtime can often be one of the hardest times for parents. From a young age it can be difficult to get them to go to bed as they often want to stay awake until very late at night. Bedtime books can be your best solution!

For centuries, one of the most widely-used methods to encourage children to read and take an interest in books has been to read them a story before they go to sleep. This special time creates a lovely bond between the parent, or the person doing the reading, and the child.

Here’s a selection of the best books for your children to take to bed with them. Thanks to them, your children are sure to be eager to go to bed and enjoy a story every night.

Bedtime books for children

My Little Bed: The Good Night Book

For children, learning to sleep alone in their own bed and in their room can be somewhat daunting. Children’s stories that deal with the same topic can be very helpful. My Little Bed is one such book, and it’s a great option to help your children deal with this situation.

6 Bedtime Books for Your Children

The main character of the story discovers that her bed protects her from everything and everyone during the night. While she’s in her bed she knows that she can enjoy reading, games and great adventures, because nothing bad is ever going to happen to her there.

Mommy, I Want to Sleep in Your Bed!

With a similar theme to the previous bedtime book, the main character in this story is a dog who’s afraid when it’s time to go to bed on his own. He always wants to go to his parents’ bed.

It has some beautiful illustrations and a very simple text. It’s a story that will be a good tool for children to begin to understand, little by little, the advantages of sleeping alone in their room.

I will Fight Monsters for You

Martina is the main character in this story. We find out that she gets scared when bedtime comes and she gets into her bed to protect herself from the monsters underneath. This is a very normal fear that many children experience in childhood. Through this fantastic picture book, they’ll be able to overcome it.

The surprising thing about this book is that on the other side lives Anitram, (“Martina” written back to front). Anitram is a pink monster who has the same fears as Martina, except that his fear is that he’ll find people under his bed.

It’s a story that parents should read together with their children. This will help children express and face their fears – especially the fear of the unknown.

Everyone Is Yawning – one of the most fun bedtime books

Everyone Is Yawning features a whole set of fun animals that will delight the smallest ones in the house. It’s recommended for children between the ages of two and five. Each page shows the mouth of one of these animals which the child must open using different flaps.

After all these animals yawn, it’s time to go to bed. The child must imitate them and, hopefully, they’ll fall soundly asleep too!

6 Bedtime Books for Your Children

More bedtime books

A Hundred Kisses Before Bedtime

This bedtime story is ideal for children between the ages of one and three. It has some sweet illustrations, and a simple and repetitive text – the type that children of this age really need. It also has animals as the main characters, making it a simple but beautiful book, and very useful for bedtime.

In addition to this, the story develops the love between different babies and their mothers, and so the child can identify the book’s illustrations with their own mother.

Little Owly, Can’t You Sleep?

Yet again, an animal is the main character in the story, and this time it’s an owl. Toni has been suffering from insomnia for several days and goes to the doctor to try and sort his problem out. Will Toni ever manage to get to sleep again?

It’s a bedtime story with wonderful illustrations and set in a forest, and deals with values such as friendship, acceptance of fears, and how to overcome them.

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