Discover the Best Children's Libraries in the World

The fantasy world of children's literature begins in the libraries themselves. Come discover the best children's libraries in the world.
Discover the Best Children's Libraries in the World

Last update: 08 November, 2020

Today, we want to leave you with a selection of the best children’s libraries in the world. Don’t hesitate to visit them in person or explore them virtually. We know they’ll amaze you!

Children’s libraries across the globe are becoming more modern and magical. On many occasions, these places, regardless of whether you like reading or not, are worth visiting. Simply being able to appreciate their amazing architecture is well worth your time.

Best children’s libraries in the world

The Brentwood Library, New York

The entrance alone at this library located in New York will make you fall in love. Its wide door is made up of large books, all wooden; and on top lies a roof, also in the shape of an open book. A sign made of wooden branches across the roof reads “Story Room.”

Next to the door, you’ll also find books piled up like bricks creating the walls, as well as a tree whose roots come out of piles of books.

Discover the Best Children's Libraries in the World

But there’s much more to this fantastic library than its entrance. Inside, you’ll find that it houses hundreds of trees among its bookshelves, as well as different animals climbing on them. In short, you’ll feel as if you’re inside a forest.

Hjorring Library, Denmark

The new concept of children’s libraries is for these places to encourage fun, reading, conversation, and similar activities. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Hjorring Library of Denmark.

This library is characterized by the large red stripe or ribbon that runs through the entire establishment. Not only does it run along the floor, but also up and down, along bookshelves and walls and all different heights, creating a unique and playful environment.

Sometimes this ribbon reaches the ceiling. At other points, it creates the shape of a slide, and even simulates the waves of the sea. In some areas, it functions as a bookshelf while in other areas, it serves as a reading bench.

In addition to this characteristic red ribbon, you’ll also find circles in the walls with cushions for children to crawl into and read. What’s more, slides and many different colors are also present in this fantastic space. Without a doubt, this is one of the best children’s libraries in the world.

My Tree House Library, Singapore, one of the best children’s libraries in the world

Caring for and respecting the environment is one of the values we must instill in children from an early age. For this reason, this children’s library is among the best in the world, as its construction consists entirely of recycled materials.

Located in the basement of the Singapore Public Library, as its name indicates, it houses a fantastic forest full of children’s books. Around 3,000 recycled plastic bottles that children from Singapore’s public schools collected create the tops of these trees. They now serve a new purpose, which is giving light to children so that they can enjoy the books.

Discover the Best Children's Libraries in the World

The Poplar Kid’s Republic Bookstore, Beijing

Despite being a bookstore and not a children’s library, we can’t help but include this amazing location in our list. Its structure, colors and shapes are so fantastic that you won’t want to miss it if you’re ever in Beijing.

With a structure similar to that of the red ribbon we talked about in the Danish children’s library, Beijing has one that’s multicolored.

Again, you’ll find the circles where you can get comfortable to enjoy a good book and a setting full of attractive color combinations. What’s more, you’ll have the possibility of finding books in the most unsuspected places. Without a doubt, this bookstore is a true work of art.

Boston Central Library

The children’s and youth section of the Boston Public Library is a true fantasy for everyone who visits and enjoys it.

As we know, children’s literature includes a broad audience that spans from babies to young people. So, with that in mind, this library has designed a space for each of them.

Its walls are full of illustrations that emulate those found on the streets of the city of Boston itself, as well as including furniture and areas according to each age group.


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