Great Children's Books About Gardens

Discover the magical mysteries that nature offers through children's literature as we take a look at some great children's books about gardens.
Great Children's Books About Gardens

Last update: 18 October, 2020

Our natural surroundings are an essential part of life. Because of that, we must be aware of how important it is to take care of them and respect them. This task must be instilled in children from a very young age. Firstly through teaching them about everything that surrounds them, and then through small actions that can help them play their part in conservation. These lovely children’s books about gardens will help them do just that.

Children should learn about nature, landscapes, and the processes that take place with the seasons in a simple way. As an example, we can use gardens, because they’re accessible areas for children and easy to learn about. For that reason, today we’re going to bring you a selection of children’s books about gardens. In this way, our kids will discover a little more about the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Children’s books about gardens

Maisy Grows a Garden

Maisy is one of children’s favorite characters in literature. This story explains how Maisy takes care of her garden and the plants in her vegetable garden. It really will capture your child’s attention.

Great Children's Books About Gardens

Recommended for children from two years old, they’ll be able to begin to discover different things related to nature and science using very simple vocabulary.

The Curious Garden, one of the best books about gardens for children

The striking, big, colorful illustrations in this fantastic picture book will certainly attract children’s attention. They’ll meet Liam, a boy who has to work as a gardener in an abandoned railway station to bring some color into his grey city.

It’s a very simple story, but with a great message. It’s all about the importance of little kind gestures in taking care of nature and the environment, no matter what those gestures are. Recommended for children from five years old, it’s a story that combines the importance of respecting and caring for the environment with the process of plant life.

Grandpa’s Green

In this tender and beautiful story, the author uses gardens and the different forms they can take to tell his story. Even though time passes quickly, there are moments that always remain in the memory. Those are the ones we like to hear from our grandparents. However, there are times when those memories disappear in the saddest way possible.

This book takes a touching look at memories, old age, the memory of our grandparents. It also shows how Alzheimer’s can spoil those memories. From the lips of the great-grandson, we’ll get to know the story of his great-grandfather’s life. This truly fantastic book obtained an honorable mention in the Caldecott Awards in 2013.

Easy Gardening for Kids

One of the best ways for children to learn is by making things practical. Learning through play is one of the best tools for children to learn in a quicker, simpler, and more fun way.

In this book, published by Larousse, young and old alike will find out all the information needed to look after a garden. They’ll also learn about the tools necessary to do so. In the last few pages of the book, you’ll find garden-related crafts that will delight and amuse the little ones.

More children’s books to discover gardens

The Magic Garden

Nature is full of undiscovered mysteries. That’s the message that this fascinating and colorful book wants to transmit to the little ones.

Chloe, the main character in the story, will be introduced to a magical garden. In it, she’ll find trees that change color and insects that glow in the dark, like fireflies. It’s a wonderful story that also teaches an important ecological message. What’s more, at the end of the book, children can also find an appendix with all sorts of curiosities and information about different elements related to nature.

The Little Gardener

Values such as perseverance, not giving up, and asking for help when needed are some of the values reflected in this great little book. It tells the story of a little character who, despite his efforts and tenacity working in the garden, feels that all his work is useless. This book uses the idea of gardens and nature as a springboard to teach us about the importance of always moving forward.

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