5 Children's Books About Ghosts

Fears are common among children, and books are a great way to help them deal with those fears. With that in mind, we want to talk about children's books about ghosts. Happy reading!
5 Children's Books About Ghosts

Last update: 12 February, 2021

Children’s fears trap many little ones during childhood. In the vast majority of cases, these fears are similar in all children. Helping them move past their fears may seem like a very complex task at first glance. However, through the support of tools such as children’s books, this task can be easier. Having said that, we want to present our favorite children’s books about ghosts.

We know the importance that children give to the stories they read and to what the characters are like. So, introducing them to fun and appropriate books on topics such as monsters, witches, or ghosts will help them to see them from another perspective. In addition, these are great books to read during certain times of year, such as Halloween.

Children’s books about ghosts

The Atlas of the Monsters and Ghosts

This is one of the most complete books about monsters, ghosts, and other fantastic creatures to address this subject with your children. The cover alone is large in size, bears an attractive and colorful image, and reveals several of the characters that the book will address in greater depth.

5 Children's Books About Ghosts

The structure of the book is out of the ordinary in terms of children’s literature. Also, it’s an informative book, as children will be able to learn concepts about geography because its pages are organized by maps.

Each map in the book represents a continent, and in it, we see the most famous monsters or creatures of each country or area. In this way, children can consult this fantastic book to learn more about their country. And, at the same time, they can gain curiosity and learn something new about other countries.

In addition to this map, each of the illustrations that appears referring to a monster is then followed by excellent and accurate descriptions and data in the following pages. This book not only helps kids overcome their fears, but also learn history and geography.

Ten timid ghosts, one of the best children’s books about ghosts

This book is recommended for children ages four and up. While reading it, little ones will enjoy the fantastic story of ghosts in a haunted house that the book shows.

At the same time, the book helps children learn to count to ten. That’s because there are ten ghosts in the story, who live in terror when they learn that a witch has moved into their house and wants to scare them.

5 Children's Books About Ghosts

B00! More children’s books about ghosts

The Haunted House

For ages two and up, its simple illustrations and the contrasts of only three colors (black, white, and orange) in the illustrations will dazzle little ones.

The story’s main character, a young witch, must use her wisdom to hunt the ghosts of the house she’s moved into. It’s a fantastic story for children to begin to learn how to overcome their fears and devise ways to do so.

Amos Shrike, the School Ghost

This fantastic book brings together ghosts, mischief, and school adventures, among many other things. When one student wants to destroy the principal’s office, a former teacher’s ghost appears to create some funny adventures.

We’re sure these children’s books will help small children to overcome their fear of ghosts and empathize with them.


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