5 Easy Crafts with Yarn for Children

Making things helps kids be more creative. Therefore, crafts with yarn are great for kids to grow their skills. We'll give you some examples in this article.
5 Easy Crafts with Yarn for Children

Last update: 19 July, 2019

It’s so important to encourage preschoolers to use their imagination and creativity. In fact, yarn is a great material for children to develop all their creative potential while having fun. In this article, we’ll show you how to make some easy crafts with yarn.

These activities are great for young kids to encourage imagination. If you’re looking for activities to keep your little ones entertained, crafts with yarn encourage their creative skills. In addition, they help them concentrate and be confident in themselves. Here are some examples.

Easy crafts with yarn for children

1. Ornament crafts with yarn

Yarn ornaments are very easy and fun to make. In fact, you can hang them in your child’s room to add a personal decoration.

To begin, you need to take a cardboard box and cut out two circles. Make donut shapes with these circles, and place one on top of the other. Then, take the yarn and wrap it until you fill the whole circle and the hold in the middle is almost full.

Next, carefully cut the yarn around the edge of the circle, and slowly separate the circles. Tie a piece of yarn in the center and fasten it tightly. Then, remove the circles and you’ll have a beautiful ornament to decorate anything you want.

2. Yarn garland crafts with yarn

Second, we’ll show you how you can make a garland with yarn, which is very easy and fast. Start by grabbing card stock or a cardboard box. Then, cut a circle however size you’d like, and cut a hold out of the center like a donut.

5 Easy Crafts with Yarn for Children

Next, it’s time to use your yarn. Wrap the circle in the yarn so that it’s completely covered. Don’t forget to keep the loose end wrapped so it won’t come undone.

Once you’re done, you can decorate your garland with sequins or any other decoration your child wants.

3. Rainbows

Kids love making rainbows out of different materials. Children love creating their own rainbows, using green yarn as the grass on a blue card.

Then, they use double-sided tape to attach the yarn to the bottom of the page. Trace around the bottom of a container with a pencil to create the arc of a rainbow.

Next, keep drawing smaller arcs until you have enough lines to create a rainbow. Add glue to the line where kids will put the yarn.

Don’t forget to trim off the extra remaining yarn. If you want to add some fun to this activity, gently separate cotton balls and stick them on the sky to create fluffy clouds.

“If you’re looking for activities to keep your little ones entertained, crafts with yarn encourage their creative skills. In addition, they help them concentrate and be confident in themselves.”

4. Yarn faces and puzzle pieces

This fourth idea is very simple and great to entertain children of all ages. Basically, you need a puzzle piece that looks like it has ears. Then, paint the top of the piece with a skin tone color.

From there, glue some yarn to the top of the puzzle piece to make hair. In addition, you can glue some googly eyes and draw a nose, mouth and other parts of the face. In fact, you can even add some freckles. You can do whatever your child can dream up!

5 Easy Crafts with Yarn for Children

5. Decorative Christmas tree

Finally, we’ll show you how to make a decorative Christmas tree with your little one. First, you need to go outside and get some sticks. Then, break them and have two pieces of the same length, plus one small one for the trunk. Join the three branches with glue to make a triangle.

From there, use green yarn to cover the triangle in different directions until it’s all covered. Then, you need to use glue to hold it together.

Don’t forget to add the stick to the bottom of the tree, plus a piece of tape on the back to hang it up on the wall.

In conclusion, keep in mind that this list only includes some of the many crafts with yarn that you can make. In any case, don’t forget to always supervise your child’s crafts, especially ones with scissors and glue. Now it’s time to pick your favorite craft and have fun with your child!

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