How to Encourage Kids to Play Sports

Take these recommendations into account and learn how you can encourage kids in sports. Keep reading to learn more.
How to Encourage Kids to Play Sports

Last update: 07 September, 2021

It’s everyone’s job to encourage kids in sports, especially your own children, as you play an important role as a mother. However, it can be hard, especially in an age plagued by a sedentary lifestyle.

We aren’t talking about a child’s lack of interest when it comes to playing a sport. Instead, we’re talking about the push that turns it into a continuous hobby. This is your job as the one who’s responsible for your child.

Because of this, you might have lots of questions, and encouraging your kids to play sports might be at the top. Below, we’ll show you some tips on how to do this.

How to encourage kids to play sports

First of all, as a mother, you must understand the importance of sports in children’s lives. There are so many benefits, and sports influences physical and psychological development.

Kids holding different balls.

Whatever sports your child chooses and does, you need to be sure that it will help them in their daily life. Also, it can be a way for them to meet other kids, and thereby strengthen their social and emotional development.

At the same time, sports will be the healthiest alternative for kids to get rid of all the energy that’s built up throughout the day. In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that sports can help reduce stress. Knowing these benefits for your child, all you have to do is encourage them to practice some type of sport.

Set an example

Most, if not all, children learn through imitation. This happens with good and bad habits. So, setting a good example is very important in the learning process.

As a mother, we recommend that you set an example by playing sports to help your child feel more motivated. You don’t have to say a single word about the sport you like or how to do it. You just need to practice it regularly and, rest assured, your child will notice it. Kids are very observant.

Talk about the benefits of sports

Spending time with your child doesn’t mean observing what they do sporadically or supervising their games without interruption. In addition, it’s also about sitting down to talk to them, listen to them, and understand them. During these conversations, it’s a good idea to talk about sports and the benefits they provide. Clearly, you don’t need to use technical terms or hard concepts. Keep it simple for them.

Try to express yourself in a way so that they understand that being physically active can contribute to their health. Also, remember that the way you should talk to your child depends on their age and how they understand their surroundings.

Be patient

Not all children have the same process. Some are more outgoing or have better physical qualities, but that doesn’t mean that your child is like this too.

They might be afraid to start or panic about playing sports, even if you like them. On the other hand, they may get scared and freeze up.

No matter what the setting is, as a mother, you must stand out as being the first point of support. Giving kids confidence, security, and emotional stability is the best way to encourage kids to play sports. To do this, patience is essential.

Let the child choose

One of the most important points to encourage kids to play sports is to let them choose. However, it’s usually an aspect that lots of parents don’t take into account.

It seems unreasonable not to consider it, but it still happens. As a mother, the idea is to let your child have free choice. Never try to force them to do a sport because they’ll never like it and they won’t get the benefits from it, now or ever.

Sports as a synonym for fun

Besides being a form of physical activity, sports are the most appropriate way for kids to learn. Not only because they focus on entertaining kids, but because they’re fun.

A dad playing basketball with his child.

At an early age, sports don’t go hand and hand with competition, but with motivation and psychomotor development. For this reason, to encourage kids to play sports, it needs to be fun and not boring.

If you ask your child about an activity or sport, they’ll tell you which one was the most fun for them. This means that sports through play cause a positive impact and strengthen meaningful learning.

Encourage kids to play sports because health comes first

Regarding the benefits of sports for kids, we should mention that it’s important to focus on their health. Kids who play sports are less likely to suffer from non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

At the same time, their vitality and physical skills will greatly benefit from it. With that in mind, your goal as a mother shouldn’t just focus on encouraging your child to play sports, but on finding a way to keep them healthy.

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