Crafts Your Children Can Make with Pasta

Besides being one of the foods that children most enjoy eating, pasta is also something they can use to do crafts with. Today we'll offer you a list of crafts that your children can make with pasta.
Crafts Your Children Can Make with Pasta

Last update: 15 November, 2019

Sometimes it’s nice to do crafts with our kids in order to spend quality time together. However, we don’t always have a lot of materials on hand… Or do we? Today we’ll offer several suggestions for crafts your children can make with pasta!

“Don’t play with your food!” You’ve probably lost count of the times you’ve said or heard that phrase at the dinner table. However, that’s just what we want to teach you how to do today!

If you’re lacking inspiration today, or don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Read the ideas below and you’ll discover that you already hav e all you need to enjoy a pleasant afternoon creating with your little ones.

What crafts can you and your children make with pasta?

Tic tac toe

Our first suggestion for a craft you can make using pasta isn’t only fun to create. You and your children will be able to use it later as a game. Tic tac toe is a classic, and it’s one of the first games that many children learn to play.

To make a tic tac toe game with pasta, all you need are the following materials.:

  • Noodles: Make sure you have two different types of pasta – for example, bow tie past and elbow pasta. If you don’t have two different kinds on hand, you can color the pasta pieces with tempera paints or markers.
  • A wood tablet where you can draw the lines (or, if all else fails, a piece of paper).
  • Paint or markers
Crafts Your Children Can Make with Pasta


At first glance, this seems like a very simple craft. However, your children will have tons of fun using their accessories when they play dress-up and make-believe. In order to create necklaces and bracelets with noodles, gather together the following elements:

  • Acrylic or tempera paints.
  • String or lanyard.
  • Tube-shaped pasta, such as penne, rigatoni, or macaroni.
  • Scissors.

Bookmarks, another great craft your kids can make with pasta

Encouraging children to read is a responsibility that all parents need to take seriously. You can motivate your kids in a number of ways, and one of them is through crafts. For example, we suggest you make bookmarks with pasta. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Popsicle sticks.
  • Noodles in the shape of long ribbons (fettuccine).
  • Acrylic paints or temperas.
  • Glue.

The first step will be to decorate the pasta in whatever way your children wish. The most fun part is that this craft is so easy that your kids can make a separate bookmark for every book they read.

If that’s the case, then your children can decide to decorate their bookmarks to match the colors of the book’s cover.  Then, after they finish decorating, the next step will be to stick the past onto the bookmark. This will be the part that sticks inside the book. Of course, your children can also decorate the popsicle stick… or just leave it as it is.

Decorate drawings using pasta

Drawing is an activity that almost every child enjoys. What’s more, it’s a good way for them to develop their creativity and imagination. Therefore, making drawings with pasta is another one of the craft ideas we want to suggest today.

First, give your children time to create their drawings. Then, give them pieces of pasta that they can use to complete their artwork. The more variety of pasta types you can offer them, the better! Including spaghetti, spirals, macaroni, shells, etc.

Your kids can choose to make simple objects, like trees or a house, or they can choose something more complex, like animals. The sky’s the limit!

Crafts Your Children Can Make with Pasta

This is another simple and beautiful craft that your kids can make with pasta. The picture frames they create are the perfect way to put special photos and drawings on display in your home. All you need is the following:

  • Pasta, in as many colors and shapes as you would like.
  • Glue.
  • A plane picture frame. You can also make your own using cardboard.

The first thing you need to do is to choose your picture frame, or make one yourself. If you already have a picture or drawing that you want to display, then make sure the frame will fit.

Second, let your children’s creativity soar as they glue the pieces of pasta onto the frame. Make sure the glue dries well, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful, personalized picture frame to cherish for years to come.

Learn with pasta

One of the best ways for children to learn is through games. That’s why we want to suggest using pasta in order to create different learning elements. For example, you can recreate the human body, dinosaur skeletons, geometric shapes, etc. Or you can simply use pasta pieces to help your children learn to count and do math.

Some materials you’ll find handy are:

  • Whatever type(s) of pasta best suits your purpose.
  • Glue.
  • Cardboard.

If you want to recreate a figure such as the human body or a skeleton, as we suggested, we suggest sketching it with a pencil first. Then, allow your little ones to take over as they glue pasta pieces onto the drawing.

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