Recycling Ideas For Kids During Quarantine

There's no doubt that the days during quarantine can sometimes seem never-ending. Fortunately, you can entertain your family for hours with these great recycling ideas for kids. 
Recycling Ideas For Kids During Quarantine

Last update: 16 May, 2021

All around the globe, people are waking up to the new normality of social distancing and isolation. Not every family has the budget or capacity to buy new toys and technology to entertain their little ones during quarantine. And, as a result, times can become even more stressful. With that in mind, we want to suggest a few recycling ideas for children to do at home.

Even though children are allowed outdoors, the fact of the matter is, they’re spending lots of time at home. And they’re probably more than tired of playing with the toys and games that they already own.

At the same time, you’re probably having a hard time coming up with new and entertaining ideas to keep them busy. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to spend money–you just need to get creative. You have everything you need at home. Just keep reading to discover some new and original ideas.

—L. Tom Perry—

Recycling ideas for kids during quarantine: obstacle course

Before the current coronavirus crisis, you may have thought that you have a perfectly normal living room! A couch, a footrest, a few throw pillows, a coffee table … nothing out of the ordinary.

However, after spending so much time at home, you discover that these pillows can turn into balls of lava to jump on! Your dining room table can even become a tunnel! The sky’s the limit as long as you use your imagination.

Parents playing with their children.

More movement with flexible ideas

Parents around the world are drastically reevaluating their rules when it comes to screen time during quarantine and with good reason. These are intense times, and that means throwing the rulebook out the window for the most part. Flexibility is the name of the game in order to make things work.

However, television and smart devices don’t need to be the enemy. You can use screens to get your kids to exercise while watching yoga routines, for example. Also, there are a variety of apps for making fun videos with the entire family. At the same time, your kids can watch all sorts of tutorials for making crafts with recyclable items from around the house. 

In other words, screentime can also help keep your kids active and moving. In fact, you can just play your favorite playlist and let them dance to their hearts’ content. Or, you can challenge them to complete their obstacle course to the beat of the music!

More recycling ideas: old books

Perhaps you’ve been keeping old books under the bed or in the back of your closet? Books that haven’t seen the light of day in years should be given a new opportunity. Make a reading corner somewhere in your home and encourage your kids to read with you. That way, you’ll spend time each day rediscovering family relics.

You may just find that your kids discover a whole new world through reading. The truth is, reading benefits children in a number of ways by opening their minds. Of course, keep their ages and reading levels in mind to make sure they’ll understand what they’re reading.

A reading corner.

Use your old clothing and have a costume party

When it comes to costumes these days, it seems as if everything has to do with Marvel superheroes and Disney princesses. But, if you don’t have the time or the budget to invest in new costumes, dig out some old clothing and get creative.

Last year’s ruffly skirts, that favorite party dress that no longer fits, those comfy sweat pants you just can’t get rid of … that’s all you need to put on a fabulous costume party.

About quarantine

Quarantine is a general act of selflessness and solidarity toward society; the immunosuppressed, the elderly, and the brave health workers on the frontlines. We know it’s not particularly fun, but it’s necessary.

However, with a little imagination and the help of some items you already have at home, you can have a great time as a family.

—Richard L. Evans—


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