Summer Games and Activities for Kids

Games aren't just fun, but they're also a natural way that kids learn. Here, we'll show you some summer games that your kids will love.
Summer Games and Activities for Kids

Last update: 07 September, 2021

With the summer comes high temperatures and outdoor activities. In addition, kids have much more free time to enjoy. However, even the most creative families can run out of ideas and feel bored. Here, we’ll show you some great summer games and activities for kids that will make your summer an unforgettable experience.

Summer vacations are a perfect time to develop creativity, exercise, and enjoy nature. Therefore, the possibilities for fun and enrichment are endless. In fact, playing is the natural way for kids to learn.

Kids playing outside in the summer.

Summer games for children that develop cognitive abilities

Cognitive abilities are processes like attention, perception, or memory. Also, they involve information processing and problem solving. Here are some games for kids that help them work on these skills.

Treasure map

Pick a chest or box and place a valuable treasure inside. This can be chocolate coins or anything else that your kids will like. Next, choose a place in or around your home to hide or bury the treasure, and draw a map to help the little ones find it.

Draw the most striking or representative elements of the environment on the map to serve as a guide and place an X where the treasure is. Finally, give them the map and invite them to start the search. It’ll be quite an adventure!


This game can be whatever you want it to be, as you can include challenges that are best for the kids. You need to create a route with different stations. At each station, the kids have to pass a different test to be able to move on to the next station. Tasks can range from guessing a puzzle to solving a math problem.

Try to propose varied exercises so that each child can excel in one of them. Additionally, try challenges that encourage cooperation and teamwork. If you add some healthy competitiveness to it, you can make teams and see which one reaches the finish line first.

Summer games that enhance creativity

Water balloons hanging outside.

Painting with water balloons

This game can be really fun for little ones. To do it, you only need paint, water balloons, and a large sheet of paper or canvas.

Simply lay out the paper or canvas on the grass and fill the balloons with different colored paint. Now, invite the kids to pop the balloons against the paper and develop their most imaginative side by creating a colorful abstract painting.

Another alternative is to pour the paint onto a plastic plate and encourage kids to use water balloons as a paintbrush. They can smear the surface of the balloon and slide it across the canvas to paint and draw.

Little writers

Nothing empowers creativity like storytelling. So, give your kids a pencil and paper, and suggest that they write their own storyYou can give them complete freedom, or give them some elements the story should have, like people, places or events. In addition, they can add pictures that illustrate what happens in the story. Once they finish it, you can read it together before bed.

Physical summer games for kids

Within these types of games, there are different types of races that are simple and fun. From the typical sack races, to three-legged ones where you tie the right foot of one child to the left foot of the other, they’ll have fun running together. You could also do wheelbarrow races where one child walks with his hands while the other holds onto their legs.

A summer spent playing

As you can see, games are not only a form of entertainment, but they can help kids’ physical and mental developmentIn addition, you can do them inside and outside the home, so there are great options for both sunny and rainy days.

Playing with your children will forge an indestructible bond and great memories. You can enjoy your time together while also teaching important values and enhancing their skills. What are you waiting for? Try these out with your little ones!

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