Benefits of Movies for Kids: Recommended Films

All children's movies have a lesson. By seeing so many different situations on the screen, kids develop their critical thinking skills. They also stimulate their imagination and become more creative.
Benefits of Movies for Kids: Recommended Films

Last update: 02 December, 2018

We all know that movies are one of the best forms of entertainment. However, it may surprise you to hear that there are real benefits of movies for kids. Do you know what they are?

New films come out every year. Their main purpose is to entertain and make viewers have a good time. However, these stories also help kids learn morals and lessons about the world around them.

Main benefits of movies for kids

In addition to being fun, movies can help kids learn new words, languages, and values. This is something that you can enjoy alongside them as a family. Even so, we recommend always screening movies’ content before showing them to your children.

Expand vocabulary

Children are very good at listening, and they grasp everything so fast. As they grow up, their vocabulary grows. Movies can help in that sense because they show situations that kids have probably never experienced. They’re more likely to hear new words and learn their meanings. 

Usually, if kids don’t understand a word, they’ll ask you. This is a great opportunity to teach them. On the other hand, if they can read, encourage them to look up words in the dictionary. This way, not only will they learn the meaning, but also how to write it.

Watching movies can help kids expand their vocabulary.

Relieve stress

Another one of the benefits of movies for kids has to do with their emotions. Children’s movies can combat stress and relieve anxiety and nerves.

Being in school, it’s common for kids to experience these feelings. They often have various school duties, tests and exams. By getting out of this routine, kids can clear their mind and have fun. Entertainment can help them unwind.

Learn other languages

You can watch foreign films and films in other languages, which also show characters from other parts of the world. This can lead your children to become more interested in traveling and learning other languages.

They make kids smarter and more creative

By seeing these experiences on the screen, kids can become more reflective. The benefits of movies are obvious when parents help their kids face problems. It also helps when kids have to draw conclusions for themselves and find solutions.

In addition, this helps them develop creativity, boost their ability to think, and stimulates their imagination.

“In addition to being fun, movies can help kids learn new words, languages, and values.”

Beneficial movies for children

You can find movies for kids with different styles and all types of characters. There are plenty with real actors, as well as cartoons.

Each of them, depending on their quality, has a plot with a lesson for children. Below are some films that show clear benefits for kids.

Finding Nemo

This is a great movie, especially for kids ages 5 to 10. One of the characters, Dory, always has a positive attitude. Despite her problems, she’s always willing to help others.

On the other hand, there is the protagonist, Nemo. He’s a fish with a small fin, which makes him different from his classmates. Even so, none of them made fun of him. This teaches kids about respect, empathy and equality. They’ll feel compelled to imitate these great qualities.

Toy Story

This is a favorite among people, both young and old. It contains many lessons. For example, kids can learn from Woody’s loyalty.

In addition, they’ll be encouraged to be grateful like the aliens and to understand the importance of being with family. Another lesson is not to be jealous of others, but rather value everyone’s skills.

Two great movies for kids are Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

Meet the Robinsons

In this movie, an orphan boy named Lewis is very interested in science, creating new things, and finding a family. This film teaches children about the negative consequences of holding a grudge, and why it’s good to set the goal of trying to be a better person every day.

In conclusion, new children’s movies come out every week. Watch them in theaters or at home to take advantage of the benefits of movies for kids. This will help them learn important life lessons, and at the same time, enjoy quality time with the family.


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