6 Great Birthday Ideas for Teenagers

As your children grow it becomes more and more difficult to find birthday ideas that they'll like. We've got a great guide for you today.
6 Great Birthday Ideas for Teenagers

Last update: 19 May, 2019

If you’re organizing a party for your teenager, have a look at these great options. We’ve got a variety of birthday ideas for teenagers, all adapted to young people’s different tastes.

Our children’s tastes and ideas begin to change as they grow, and it gets harder and harder to please them. That’s why it can be a real headache to think up ideas for your teen’s birthday party.

However, as your child only has a birthday once a year, it’s worth making the effort to look for some birthday ideas to give your child a great celebration. To do this, you’ll need to really know your child and his tastes.

We know that the transition from childhood to adulthood can be quite difficult in some cases. However, if we put in the effort, we’ll always find a way to make their day special and make them really happy!

The first step is to have a chat with them about their birthday – that’ll start you off on the right foot. Depending on their tastes and ages, there will be different things that may interest them. Listen to them and together you’ll be able to decide something that can suit your budget and their tastes.

6 birthday ideas for teenagers

1. Themed parties

Themed parties are very popular at the moment. Young people love to act out a character during their celebrations.

Talk it over with your child and, if he’s interested in the idea, then together you can choose a theme that your teen will like. You’ll then need to start to think about decorating your house, or renting a room or hall if you prefer.

Try to set a budget for the decorations and stick to it, but make sure it’s visually eye-catching. Look for ideas that are a little different, in order to impress your child’s friends as soon as they arrive.

In addition to that, make sure there is a good selection of food and music, to really make the party a hit!

Make a list of what you think might be a good “menu” and show your child to see what she thinks. You’ll then be able to make adjustments if your budget allows for it. Regarding the music, it’ll be best for your child to make the choices there!

6 Great Birthday Ideas for Teenagers

2. A small family event

If your child doesn’t like big events, he may just want a small family party, or one with just a small group of close friends.

In this case, you can organize a lunch or a small dinner. Let your child choose his favorite food and what decorations he’d like, for him to share the day with his closest relatives or friends.

3. Birthday ideas: Going bowling

Going bowling is a great idea, as you won’t need to worry about decorations or food. If your child likes bowling, then you can suggest a good place where you can all have fun with the family and/or friends.

You could maybe just order in some pizzas and drinks, and play until you drop! It’ll be quite a different birthday party, and you’ll be sure to have a great time.

4. Going shopping

If your child loves shopping, she may prefer to spend your party budget on a shopping day rather than a party. This could also be a very good option if you’re not really into organizing big parties.

You’ll just have to decide which shops you want to visit and what your budget will be. Don’t forget to decide on a good place to eat. Give your teen a nice surprise by taking her to her favorite restaurant.

 Talking to your teen is the first step, and will help you start off on the right foot. Listen to her and, together, decide something that fits into your budget and her tastes.

5. Pajama party

Generally, this is an option that tends to be chosen more by girls than boys. A pajama party in your house with your child’s closest friends is always a hit. Chat with her to find out what food she’d like and decide on a simple selection that won’t take you too long to prepare.

In addition to talking, they can also watch a movie or do some other activity. As they’re at home they’ll be able to choose whatever they want in a comfortable and safe environment.

6 Great Birthday Ideas for Teenagers

6. Camping with friends

If your child is quite adventurous, then he may like to celebrate his birthday by going camping with his friends. This is an option for both boys and girls, and they’ll have some great adventures and learn to fend for themselves away from the family home.

Why not have a chat with your teen about this option? If he likes adventure he’ll be sure to take you up on the idea!

With all these birthday ideas for teenagers you’re sure to find one that’ll be perfect for your teen and a resounding success and, hopefully, not too expensive!

Remember that the most important thing is that your child has a great time. That’s why you should discuss all the options and make the decision together. Let’s celebrate!

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