How to Make Flower Headbands for Girls

Flower headbands are an accessory that all little girls love. If you want to buy or make one for your daughter, keep reading! We'll tell you everything you need to know.
How to Make Flower Headbands for Girls

Last update: 18 April, 2019

Flower headbands have become popular accessories among girls for all kinds of events. Below we’ll show you some different types of flower headbands, and even how to make them yourself.

Headbands have always been a great accessory for girls. Flowers are an essential part of outfits and accessories that never go out of style.

Colors for flower headbands

Before choosing the types of flowers you want to use, you’ll need to think about what colors you want your headband to have. For these headbands, it’s best to use light colors like pastels. White and pink are two great color choices.

If you’re going to make flower headbands for a special event like your daughter’s first communion, you should take into account the type of dress she’s going to wear. Additionally, think about her hair color. That way, you can create a great combination of colors.

On the other hand, if you’re going to another type of event like a wedding, baptism, or just a party with friends, you can add colors of your daughter’s dress to the colors in the headband.

Size of flowers

Another element to consider is the size of flowers that you need for your headband. There are lots of possibilities that you can choose from. You can choose flower headbands that only have four large flowers, or you could choose ones that have lots of little flowers.

How to Make Flower Headbands for Girls

This depends on whether your daughter has more accessories and lots of details, or if it’s simple. 

If she’s already going to have lots of details, you should choose flowers that are more discreet. For example, you could choose flower headbands with small flowers and light colors so it doesn’t take all the attention.

On the other hand, if your daughter’s outfit is more simple, you can choose flower headbands that have larger and more striking flowers. That way, this accessory will complement her look very nicely.

Alternative to flower headbands for girls

Instead of making flower headbands, you could make wreath headbands. Although they may seem very similar, they’re actually different. The main difference is that flower headbands go on top of the head, while wreaths go around the forehead.

Flower clips are also a simpler accessory than headbands since they just clip into her hair. You won’t need to use tape or pins that will end up annoying your daughter all day.

DIY flower headbands

If you want to use certain flowers, or if you want your daughter to have a more special headband for a special day, you can do it yourself. Next, we’ll show you a few simple steps to make some.

To make flower headbands for girls, you’ll need:

  • A smooth headband
  • Artificial flowers in the color and size that you want. You can also choose a single color, or a combination of colors that you like the most.
  • Hot glue.
How to Make Flower Headbands for Girls

We recommend that you make this using a cloth headband because it’s easier to glue flowers to. Additionally, we recommend that you use large flowers if you’ve never made them before. The larger the flowers are, the easier it will be to glue them to the headband.

Once you have everything ready, you just need to glue the flowers one by one and glue them to the headband however you’d like. Pay special attention to make sure that you can’t see the glue when you stick the flowers to the headband.

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