12 Reasons for Having Sex During Pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy brings multiple benefits, both for the mother and the fetus. Here are 12 reasons to practice it during pregnancy.
12 Reasons for Having Sex During Pregnancy

Last update: 03 March, 2022

Many fears and myths surround this taboo subject. However, science has shown that having sex during pregnancy does in fact provide benefits. Dare to take advantage of those intimate encounters during pregnancy and surprise yourself!

Although there are many fearful myths about having sex during pregnancy, studies have shown that sex during pregnancy is safe and can even be very beneficial for couples.

Sex during pregnancy is something that you should definitely experience if you have the disposition for it.

The hormonal process of pregnancy increases the female libido, and also, the orgasmic experience, with which there are very high chances of obtaining immense pleasure. Obviously, this implies great satisfaction.

Why is having sex during pregnancy safe?

Because during intercourse, pregnant women are well-protected thanks to:

  1. Leucorrhoea (also known as “cervical mucus”), which is a substance that seals the uterus to prevent the risk of any infection.
  2. The pH of the vaginal flora itself.
  3. The muscles of the vagina. Yes, by exercising this area of our body regularly, we avoid the risk of overcontracting the muscles, and we even strengthen our vagina to reduce the risk of prolapse.

Also, intercourse is safe because the penis doesn’t go beyond the vagina.

The benefits of having sex during pregnancy

Sexual intercourse is a very special way of expressing love as a couple. Emotions are at their peak and feelings are latent.

Having sex during pregnancy means being able to share this important moment. In this act, the emotional union is consolidated and, in turn, strengthened. This causes a clearer idea of a common project to be created, which involves the child you’re about to have.

A pregnant couple kissing in bed before sex.

Affection and harmony are fundamental for the future mother, who is immersed in a state of hormonal alteration.

These intimate encounters are also fundamental for couples, as it’s the main support for pregnant women. On an emotional level, these are moments in which emotional ties are strengthened.

The uterus is better oxygenated by the greater influx of blood supply, which benefits the baby. It also produces a nice rocking inside the uterus. This is due to the movements, something that babies enjoy.

As the end of pregnancy approaches, sex becomes a great exercise in preparation for childbirth. This is thanks to the vaginal contractions of orgasm, which prepare the body to ease the pain of childbirth.

In addition, the contractions facilitate the work at the time of giving birth. Some studies affirm that the children of mothers who had frequent intimate relations during pregnancy are safer, calmer, and happier.

12 Reasons to have sex during pregnancy

  • Ensures the well-being of the baby. The state of mind and the bond between the couple guarantee the correct growth of the baby.
  • Fights stress. Having sex during pregnancy (or any time) can be a good tool to release tension. This is because orgasms significantly increase adrenaline, while lowering blood pressure.
  • It’s an ally of self-esteem. Throughout pregnancy, the female body undergoes a series of changes. Due to this, the image that women have of themselves is transformed, so that many of them go from feeling attractive to being unwanted.
A pregnant woman in her underwear with her husband touching her belly from behind.

Having sex during pregnancy brings multiple benefits, both for the mother and the fetus. Here are 12 reasons to practice it while you’re pregnant.

  • Provides emotional benefits. Having sex during pregnancy renews the couple’s bond. It gives the mother the emotional support she needs to cope with this period.
  • Increases sexual desire. This is explained by the high doses of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Body changes favor larger breasts and more sensitive nipples, as well as striking new curves.
  • Increases pleasure. The vagina is more sensitive and lubricated. Intimate relationships are much more pleasant and the quantity and quality of orgasms are amplified.
  • Intercourse raises defenses. It helps keep your defenses up, reducing the risk of suffering from flu, colds, and some other stomach viruses.
  • Reduces pregnancy pain. Oxytocin, a hormone known for its ability to combat stress, is released with every orgasm. It’s also capable of increasing pain tolerance by more than 70%.
  • Prevents preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a common disease during pregnancy. It’s associated with hypertension during this period. Male sperm contains antibodies that reduce the risk of suffering from it.
  • Speeds up postpartum recovery. Postpartum recovery is often troublesome. The mother is physically and mentally tired, and sometimes experiences a drop in self-esteem. Fortunately, intimate encounters during pregnancy prepare the pelvic floor, which favors recovery.

During the 9 months that pregnancy lasts, the sexual life of the couple will go through a series of changes. There will be stages in which you’ll have sex more frequently, and others where sex is less frequent.

What you should keep in mind is that sex during pregnancy is a good option to enjoy with your partner if your pregnancy is normal or low risk. Dare to tenderly explore your loved one!

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