5 Magnificent European Destinations to Visit With Children

Read this article and discover some of the best European destinations that are ideal for visiting with children on your next vacation.
5 Magnificent European Destinations to Visit With Children
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

The long-awaited days of rest are coming very soon! Therefore, it’s time to start planning a traveling itinerary to enjoy as a family. If you still haven’t decided where to go, we want to suggest an interesting list of European destinations to visit with children. Check out our suggestions and then take a vote with your family!

“It’s a good idea to involve children in the decision so that, from the beginning, they participate in the trip and feel like part of its organization.”

-Marc Ripol and May Borraz, journalists specialized in tourism-

1. Berlin, a modern destination with lots of fun

The capital of Germany is an impressive city that’s full of life and has thousands of proposals for families. It’s one of the most popular European destinations to visit with children, as it offers all kinds of attractions:

  • Parks to enjoy the outdoors: The city has more than 2000 green spaces, such as the popular Gardens of the World and the Britzer Garten, with its famous sundial.
  • FEZ Family Center – Berlin: An entertainment venue with concert halls, cinemas, parks, swimming pools, and much more.
  • The brand new zoo and aquarium with hundreds of different species.
  • Museums for children: There are more than 200 in the city. Some of them are the Kindermuseum Labyrinth, the MACHmit!, the Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Bunte-Schokowelt chocolate museum-shop.
  • Natural areas for family outings or for sports, such as the Großer Wannsee, the Kleiner Wannsee, and the Müggelsee lakes.

2. Denmark, the land of children’s stories

This small country in northern Europe has many interesting places to visit with your family.

It begins in the capital Copenhagen, where there are a large number of parks and children’s amusement sites, such as Tivoli. There are outdoor shows and concerts in addition to various games for children.

Then you can take a cultural tour and see the Museum of Denmark and Amalienborg Palace, the official residence of the Danish royal family, which has a garden area open to the public.

What’s more, in the port area of Copenhagen, you can go with your children to visit the sculpture of The Little Mermaid, which represents the main character in Hans Cristian Andersen’s children’s story. Then, we recommend that you make the 168-kilometer trip to see Odense, the hometown of the author of the classic children’s stories.

An outdoor play in a park.

“Children have to be free to lead their own lives.”

-The Little Mermaid-

3. Vienna, an amazing destination

The Austrian capital doesn’t usually appear as the first option when looking for European destinations to visit with children, but it really is a great alternative. Just by walking its streets, children are already immersed in a unique cultural environment.

Some of the plans to make with children in Vienna are the following:

  • Visit the Zoom Kindermuseum, an interactive museum where the little ones can have different experiences through art, science, and various themed exhibitions.
  • Make music and play with sound at the Haus der Musik.
  • Go to the Schönbrunn Palace children’s museum, where they can play with period costumes and toys.
  • Have fun in Prater Park, with more than 200 attractions for children to have a great afternoon.

4. Paris, one of the most unforgettable European destinations to visit with children

We assure you that you’ll have one of the best family trips if you go to the French capital, as it’s a destination that offers a large number of alternatives in order for children to have a great time.

Of course, Parc Asterix and Disneyland are the obligatory sites to see, where your little ones go to enjoy the most famous cartoon characters.

Other proposals designed for children are the Parc de la Villette, which has playgrounds and an enchanted forest, and the Playmobil Fun-Park.

If you’re interested in a cultural tour, many museums in Paris have areas where they offer planned activities for children.

5. Athens, to learn about our origins

They say that Western civilization was born in Greece and that its capital was the center of the world, whose legacy lasted for centuries. We can teach this to children when we visit the iconic monuments of the Acropolis, the Agora, and the Temple of Zeus.

The city of Athens is a great opportunity to stroll in a relaxed way with children. There are different points of interest, such as the Monastiraki neighborhood, the Benaki Museum, the Children’s Art Museum, and the Panathinaikó Stadium, where the first edition of the Modern Olympic Games was held in 1896.

A mother and her son in Athens.

European destinations to visit with children and have a great time

Plan a vacation or a short getaway to visit these wonderful destinations in Europe with your children and spend quality time with them. Dedicate 100% of your day to playing and having fun!

You no longer have excuses, here’s the list! The only thing left is for everyone to decide together where you’ll go on your next vacation!

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