4 Activities to Do at Home as a Family

In this article, we'll provide a list of activities to do at home as a family to enjoy quality time together.
4 Activities to Do at Home as a Family

Last update: 25 February, 2021

If you’re looking for ways to spend your free time productively with your loved ones, whether it’s to learn something new or to improve a skill, here are some activities to do at home as a family that can be useful and a lot of fun.

When we’re at home and have free time

Besides the fact that you also have to cope with chores and help your children with their homework, free time is a period in which there are no obligations. Thus, we can dedicate it to having fun and relaxing. Leisure is essential and we must seize the opportunity when we have time for it.

It’s also important to devote part of our free time to doing activities with our family, spending quality time together while having fun. And why not learn something new as well?

4 Activities to Do at Home as a Family

Doing fun and entertaining activities is a good way to spend quality time with our family. It’s an opportunity to give ourselves a break and to be with the people we love. We don’t always have this free time on a daily basis, due to the fast-paced life we’re used to leading nowadays.

4 activities to do at home as a family

Here are four activities to do at home as a family:

Painting mandalas

It’s a very fun activity but, above all, it’s extremely relaxing. You just need some pretty mandalas (they can be downloaded online and printed) and some colored pencils and markers. This way, the whole family can sit quietly at a table, sharing a few hours of the day painting and combining colors, as well as talking.

Becoming chefs, a fun activity to do at home as a family

Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or some silly afternoon when you feel like making something delicious, cooking can be a great activity to share with the family. Thus, all members can participate in the preparation of a recipe. Beforehand, everyone can vote for the recipe they wish to prepare (sweet or savory) and divide the tasks to prepare it.

Sports and exercises

On days when all the family members are at home, you can set a specific time to practice sports. The decision to exercise together as a family is a good option because you can all encourage each other to stay motivated. 

Additionally, you can find infinite platforms online in which professionals and specialists in sports and fitness give classes. You’ll find videos and tutorials of all kinds of exercises (aerobics, yoga, cardio HIIT, functional exercises, or exercises with your own bodyweight), along with instructions on how to perform the movements correctly.

Concentration time

Another interesting option is to do an activity where the main objective is to learn something new. Hence, each member of the family can alternatively propose a topic or concept to read about and do some research on, such as how dinosaurs became extinct.

You can also review and reinforce your foreign language skills; the novices can learn basic concepts and expressions in a different language. Other options include learning something new about geography, discovering the capitals of countries around the world, and recognizing where the monuments of our world heritage are. There are so many options!

4 Activities to Do at Home as a Family

One last activity to do at home as a family: Stop!

Although we said at the beginning that we’d share four home activities to do as a family, we want to share a fifth one with you.

It’s about a game that’s not only super fun, but also one with which we can learn a lot about general culture: geography, cinema, grammar, flora and fauna… We’re also going to sharpen our memory and mental speed. Not only will we learn new vocabulary, but we’ll also remember forgotten concepts and learn from others.

We’re talking about Stop; a paper and pencil game in which participants must write words that begin with the same letter (vowel or consonant), chosen at random.

To do this, everyone must draw a table with rows and columns and write categories at the top row chosen by common agreement; such as names, counties or capitals, fruits and vegetables, movies, or verbs. In the first column, you’ll write down the letters that you choose, and the scores that you get go on the last column to the right.

The participant who manages to complete the row with all the words that begin with the chosen letter shouts “stop” and wins that round. The idea is for everyone to share and review with the rest of the group what words they chose for each category. After that, you choose another letter and start a new, fun and didactic round.

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