12 Habits to Keep a Tidy House

12 Habits to Keep a Tidy House
Marisol Rendón Manrique

Written and verified by preschool graduate Marisol Rendón Manrique.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Keeping a tidy house when you have small children is a big challenge. You’ll always be faced with toys lying on the floor and food stains on the walls and carpets.

However, there are very practical tricks that can help you save time when cleaning your house.

Naturally, you must also teach your little ones to practice the habit of tidying up and the sense of responsibility for one’s belongings. From an early age, assign simple tasks according to their age that contribute to order and cleanliness.

Communication in the home is of utmost importance. It must be fluid and open so that schedules and routines are established and fulfilled. Parents are in charge of teaching their children the schedule of eating, bathing, studying and playing, among other things.

-Doctor Paola Rodríguez-

Tricks for busy mothers who want to have a tidy house

In the bedroom

  • Make the bed as soon as you get up. When you make your bed first thing in the morning, you unconsciously improve your productivity. This way, you’ll be less tempted to go back to sleep.
  • Clean the bedside table daily. Keep wet wipes nearby so that when you get up, you can clean up in a few seconds. This way, you’ll avoid one of the tasks that builds up until the weekend.
12 Habits to Keep a Tidy House
  • Check closets frequently. In each of the closets, allocate a place to store the items that your family no longer uses. Then you can donate them or sell them to a thrift store.
  • Sort the clothes that you used during the day. When you pile garments on a chair, laundry day will take much longer. Develop the habit of sorting what you wore into laundry hampers, or place everything in a certain spot in your closet.
  • Have a laundry basket for each person in the family. This way, everyone can take charge of sorting their dirty clothes in an orderly manner. Assign an extra basket for items such as curtains or sheets.
  • Avoid accumulating clothes that need to be folded. After washing and drying clothes, don’t give in to the temptation to throw it all in a corner and forget about it. You’ll optimize your time if you organize the dry clothes immediately after each cycle.

In the bathroom

  • Spray a little cleaner after showering. Take a couple of minutes to do a little cleaning in the shower, and stains won’t be so difficult to remove. Simply spray your cleaning product, let it act on the dirt and then remove it.
  • Clean the toilet as part of your nighttime routine. When you brush your teeth and wash your face, use a towel with disinfectant to quickly wipe down the toilet to keep it clean.
  • Organize the counter before sleeping. With all the makeup, toiletries and hair that falls on the counter, it usually ends up looking like a disaster. To avoid stains, clean it every night.

In the kitchen

  • Everyone should scrub the utensils he or she uses. If your children are old enough, they should take care of scrubbing their own dishes, at least in the morning. This way you’ll avoid that feeling of chaos when you get home after work.
12 Habits to Keep a Tidy House
  • Clean while you cook. It’s ideal to divide tasks with your partner and your children so that no one has to be overloaded with domestic chores. You can also distribute tasks in turns, so that all assignments are fair.
  • Clean the oven after each use. An oven that has been used to make several dishes becomes harder to clean, so it’s good to do so immediately. The less time that goes by between cleanings, the easier it’ll be to clean.

Another good way to have a tidy house and avoid having objects out of place is to have a container for everything. Use drawers for toys, school supplies, toiletries or makeup.

If you have a place ready to organize the family’s belongings, then it’s easier to avoid disorder.

Involve your family in the cleaning routine so that everyone learns to take care of their things and their space, and so that your children learn the importance of having a tidy house.

As a team, you must all participate in the activities that benefit the whole family. Keeping a tidy house shouldn’t be a boring task.


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