Advice for the Modern Godmother and Maid of Honor

Being a godmother or maid of honor is a privilege that brings serious responsibilities with it. Being chosen means that you're someone special in the life of the bride or the parents of a new baby.
Advice for the Modern Godmother and Maid of Honor

Last update: 10 October, 2018

When women give birth or decide to get married, they may start to think about who the right choice for the godmother and made of honor will be. This decision implies an invitation to be a great part of someone else’s life, so it’s an important responsibility.

If you’re chosen as the godmother for a baby, you’re committed to being a part of his life, advising him, and showing him love and care as if he were your own child. On the other hand, a maid of honor has a similar position that means supporting the bride throughout the process of organizing her wedding. 

Godmothers and maids of honor don’t have to be family members. They could be a very close friend or a cousin, to give just a few examples.

What are a godmother’s responsibilities?

Being a baby’s godmother isn’t just about being there when he or she is baptized. It’s also more than just giving gifts on special occasions. This privilege comes with responsibilities, including:

  • Having a strong, loving bond with the child
  • Being present in his life
  • Becoming a friend and confidante
  • Supporting the child during difficult times or if his parents are gone

“Godmothers were invented by parents so they wouldn’t be the only ones to love their children unconditionally, and it worked.”

Advice for choosing a godmother for your child

When parents want to decide on a godmother, keep these key things in mind:

  • Choose a person who you trust.
  • Choose someone who you’ve known for a long time and feel close to.
  • It’s best if you have similar values and principles.
  • If you don’t choose a family member, you can choose a trusted friend.
  • The person you choose must agree to the responsibilities that come with being a godmother.
Advice for Being a Modern Godmother and Maid of Honor

The privileges of being a godmother

Being a godmother is a great privilege. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It means the fully trust you to be their child’s godmother.
  • It means they want your to be part of their child’s life.
  • A godmother can literally become like a second mother. 
  • Being a godmother means that the parents see you as a guardian of their child. 

7 ways to be an amazing godmother

To completely fulfill your role as godmother, keep in mind that you should be ready to do some or all of the following:

  • Accompany your godchild at important events.
  • Attend school activities.
  • Stand in for the mother or father at activities when they can’t attend.
  • Take your godchild out for fun activities or for a meal.
  • Babysit or spend time with your godchild.
  • If you live far away, keep in touch by phone or internet.
  • Give your godchild presents on special occasions.

Responsibilities of a maid of honor

Some responsibilities of a maid of honor include:

  • Helping the bride throughout the wedding planning process.
  • Putting together the bachelorette party with the bride’s friends.
  • Going with the bride to choose her dress, invitations, food, cake, etc. 
  • Helping the bride with her veil and bouquet.
  • Providing the rings during the ceremony.
  • Receiving the guests at the wedding.
  • Calming the bride if she’s worried or stressed.

Advice for maids of honor to keep in mind

Here are a few useful recommendations for maids of honor:

  • Ask for help: a wedding can be a stressful event. If you need to, ask the best man to share some of the work during the reception.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: if you can’t stand heels, you can wear low, comfortable shoes.
  • Phone book: keep important phone numbers on hand, such as family members and friends of the bride.
  • Have a bag ready: this should have a first aid kit, make-up case, clear glue, deodorant, band-aids, water, thread, etc.

In conclusion, being a maid of honor or godmother is a responsibility any woman can be proud of. Remember that by choosing you, they’re telling you that they trust you with something as valuable as their child or supporting the bride on her big day.

So if you’ve been chosen as a maid of honor or a godmother, you should feel very proud.



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