5 Pets for Children who Live in the Country

Besides traditional hunting dogs and similar breeds, there are many other animals that can join them in a rural setting. Pigs, cows, rabbits, horses... All are ideal as pets for children who live in the country.
5 Pets for Children who Live in the Country

Last update: 01 February, 2019

Looking for a pet that best adapts to and enjoys your environment and lifestyle is fundamental. In today’s article, we want to talk about the best pets for children who live in the country.

Many children dream of having pets, and pets are great for teaching them values like responsibility. For that very reason, as adults, we need  to be very conscious when it comes to adopting an animal to live with our children.

We need to be sure we can give our pets the care they need and deserve.

How to choose the right pet?

Before adopting a pet, it’s essential that parents investigate their characteristics and needs in order to offer a happy and healthy life. Besides learning how to take care of essential aspects of an animal‘s health, pet owners also need to adapt their space and environment to their pets.

If we live in a big city, it’s best to lean towards animals that adapt to indoor life and to living in smaller spaces. However, when it comes to country living, you can choose animals that are more accustomed to the outdoors.

One of the great advantages is that, living in the country, we have plenty of space and fresh air. This means that country dwellers can adopt a wide variety of animals that adapt well to children. Want to know what they are?

5 Pets for Children who Live in the Country

The 5 best pets for children who live in the country

1. Pigs

In recent years, pigs have gained popularity as pets. Beyond their charming appearance and their tyrannical snout, pigs are very intelligent and sensitive. These animals can develop an emotional bond and interact with human beings in everyday life.

Living with children requires care and patience, since pigs are very attentive and sensitive. If they’re injured or feel threatened, they may react negatively, like any other animal. Therefore, children must be well aware of the care that this sort of pet requires.

2. Horses

Despite their noble and imposing figure, horses stand out for their great empathy, high sociability, and notable intelligence. 

Living with horses has a very positive impact on the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children. You can also enjoy the benefits of equine therapy for children, as long as you have a professional to orient you.

3. Cows

Without a doubt, cows are one of the most emblematic animals when it comes to the country. They’re also one of the animals that most benefits humanity. But they can also be excellent companions for country-dwelling children.

Cows are strong, beautiful, resistant, intelligent and very sensitive animals that can accompany our families for many years. Of course, they need a large space to live and plenty of pasture, since they can come to weigh more than 1,700 pounds.

4. Rabbits 

Rabbits are one of the best pets, both for children who live in the city and in the country. They’re great companions for children, thanks to their active, docile and caring temperament. They’re also intelligent and can be trained. 

Therefore, they can be very obedient and learn a wide range of tasks and tricks.

Since there are many breeds of rabbits, each one has its own characteristics and needs. These animals are very versatile and adapt well to different environments. If you live in the country, you can opt for a larger rabbit breed.

5 Pets for Children who Live in the Country

5. Dogs

Anyone who’s ever had the chance to take a dog to the country knows very well how much they enjoy this setting.

In the country, dogs find the perfect opportunity to exercise, discover new sensations and stimuli, and express themselves freely. It’s like taking a child to the park!

Therefore, “man’s best friend” shouldn’t be left off the list when it comes to the best pets for children who live in the country.

German Shepherds, for example, are naturally associated with country living. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other breeds that enjoy a rural setting.

Mixed-breeds are very versatile and have a good physical resistance, meaning they can adapt very well to country life. You and your family can give a second chance to a dog that needs a loving home.

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