3 Ways to Quickly Put on Makeup

Although makeup is a pleasure for some women, it's a chore for others. Whether you lack time or ideas, we'll reveal some ways you can quickly put on makeup in this article.
3 Ways to Quickly Put on Makeup

Last update: 21 October, 2018

In this article we’ll tell you three ways to quickly put on makeup. We’d all like to have more time to devote to caring for ourselves, but long work days, daily chores or the time we spend caring for our children can sometimes make this difficult.

While it’s true that makeup sessions can take many minutes or even hours, there are some tips that will allow you to do it quickly.

If you don’t have the necessary time but want to continue looking great as always, here are some ways to quickly put on makeup without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

3 ways to quickly put on makeup

1. A natural look with a unified complexion

As you know, the first thing to do when starting any makeup session is to clean and refresh your skin with warm water.

Normally, daily facial cleansing is recommended, but when you don’t have time and you want to quickly put on makeup in the morning, we suggest you postpone this step until nighttime, before going to bed.

Successful makeup starts with a silky complexion. Achieving it is very simple: mix a drop of foundation with your moisturizer. Spread it between your fingers and apply it from the center of your face outwards.

Next, use a little more of the mixture under your eyes as a concealer and in the corners of your nose. Remember to always choose a suitable foundation for the type and color of your skin. 

Once you’ve prepared your face, you can apply the form of makeup that suits you best. The essential tools for fans of natural makeup is BB or CC cream. These products moisturize and correct imperfections on the skin. They’re lighter than foundation, but they guarantee skin with zero defects.

Finally, you should apply a touch of color adapted to your skin tone to quickly define your cheeks, and a balm or matte pencil for the lips.

3 Ways to Quickly Put on Makeup

2. A glamorous look

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, getting an explosive appearance isn’t necessarily synonymous with spending long hours in front of the mirror. In this second makeup tip, the eyes are key. 

As usual, you should prepare your face with a foundation and moisturizer adapted to your skin type.

To sharpen your chin, nose and cheekbones, it’s possible to use the contouring technique, which may take some time to do in the beginning, but with practice you can do it in 2-3 minutes.

When looking to quickly define your cheeks, we recommend applying a blush adapted to your skin tone.

For eyebrows, the current trend is not to have them overly plucked or thin. Current fashion requires a more natural touch. We suggest you brush them. With this gesture, you’ll save at least 5 minutes of your time.

“Makeup is a simple extension of personality: colors, clothes, makeup, everything expresses something.”

–Gene Simmons–

On the other hand, if you have sparse eyebrows, powders are ideal for obtaining a smooth result and are better than using a pencil. Apply the powder with a flat eyebrow brush. For eye shadow, use cool tones. Don’t forget to blend them.

For perfect evening makeup, use dark eye shadows mixed with bright coppery or golden flushes. Using a brush, apply the lighter eye shadow over the entire eyelid and then apply the darker shadow on the outer end. Add a bright touch with gold or copper dust.

Finish with a touch of black mascara to perfect the look. For a glamorous look, use voluminous mascara and light colors on your lips.

3 Ways to Quickly Put on Makeup

3. A retro look

For our last way to quickly put on makeup, you must start with eyeliner and draw a line to achieve “gazelle eyes,” which will end at a generously long point in the outer corner of the eye.

For the lips, be bold with powerful colors. Draw the outline of your lips in the same color as the lipstick. If you have thin lips, overflow the line slightly, just by a millimeter, to enhance them. Start with a moisturizing balm and finish with a touch of matte or shiny lipstick.

In summer, bright or pink tones will improve your appearance. In winter, bet on brown tones. To fill your lips, apply a transparent gloss.

We hope that these suggestions for ways to quickly put on makeup will help you achieve your desired results. Don’t forget that your beauty doesn’t only reside in makeup. You can also look beautiful without applying cosmetics. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.