12 Crafts and Ideas Using Recycled Cardboard

Your children will love creating crafts with recycled cardboard. They'll love the fact that they can play with whatever they build.
12 Crafts and Ideas Using Recycled Cardboard

Last update: 26 June, 2019

People who love arts and crafts have a soft spot for cardboard boxes. Something so simple, yet so versatile, that can be transformed into many things. Milk cartons, cereal boxes and shoe boxes can be turned into dollhouses, toys, shelves, and anything you want. Next, we’ll provide some ideas for easy-to-do craft projects using recycled cardboard.

Recycled cardboard can inspire creativity in children. Each type of cardboard offers many possibilities to cut, decorate, paint and mold it into anything you’d like.

Children using paper to do crafts.

Arts and crafts projects using recycled cardboard

Thinking of new uses for everyday objects can be a bit tricky. You can also buy cardboard stacks, in case you’re planning on doing something big. If you put your mind to it, you can build little crafts, toys or pirate ships.

1. Cars

Children will love their own race card made of recycled cardboard. You can use suspenders so they can carry the car on their shoulders. Likewise, there are endless ways to decorate these cars.

2. Dollhouses

Cardboard dollhouses are very easy to build and can include castles, restaurants, shops, and even libraries, with their very own bookshelves.

3. Kitchen and kitchen supplies

Kitchens and kitchen supplies are easy to do with recycled cardboard. Besides, they can be very entertaining to make and can be as detailed as you’d like.

12 Crafts and Ideas Using Recycled Cardboard

4. Toy storage

You could recycle a cardboard box and use it for what it was meant to do, storage. However, you can decorate this box however you like it. For kids, a ship can be the perfect place to store their toys.

5. Miscellaneous

You could make a TV out of cardboard and keep your kids entertained while sparking their creativity. Boxes can become great turntables, computers, or even radios, and you can use hooks as dials too.

6. Board games

Memory games made out of cardboard are very easy to do. Involve your children and let them help you paint the cards with anything they want.

It’s a great plan for a creative evening. There are many other games you can build, like chess, checkers, darts, and many more.

7. Organizers and shelves

Inspiration can come when you pick the right box. Among the many ideas for crafts with recycled cardboard, organizers and shelves are some of the most popular ones. Cereal boxes have the perfect size to store pencils and notebooks for school, for example.

“What’s great about making toys and crafts with recycled cardboard is to give regular objects a more useful life.”

8. Birdhouses

Birdhouses are a simple but beautiful choice for a craft. You can paint them in lively colors, but you could also pick resilient cardboard, paint it, decorate it and put it in your garden so birds can visit.

9. Mystery boxes

These are commonly used at birthday parties, for surprises, and as souvenirs. These can also be great craft projects for those rainy days when you can’t go outside. This activity can stimulate, entertain and teach your children. You can put anything you want inside and surprise the little ones!

12 Crafts and Ideas Using Recycled Cardboard

10. Foosball table

Foosball tables are a great idea to build with cardboard. A miniature foosball table, depending on the material, can be a great source of fun for children and adults alike.

11. Making dolls with egg cartons

Egg cartons are a favorite among crafts aficionados. They can be used in many different ways, but use their round shape to make animals, figurines, or toys.

12. Masks and costumes

The great thing about doing craft projects using recycled cardboard is that you and the kids are free to create anything you want. With masks, it doesn’t have to be Batman or Barbie, try something else, challenge yours and your kids’ imagination.

These are just a few of the many ideas and crafts you can make using recycled cardboard. Be kind to the planet, stimulate your creativity, and teach your children while they have fun. You can do this and much more with just one simple box.


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