11 Things You Should Take to the Pool for Your Baby

Before taking your baby to the pool, you should organize a list of necessary items. It's important to choose between what will be really useful and what you can do without.
11 Things You Should Take to the Pool for Your Baby

Last update: 14 July, 2018

Making a list of things you should take to the pool for your baby will make your sunny day so much easier and much more fun. 

When you leave the house with your child, you need to have the tools to take care of his or her basic needs. There are also extra items that would be very useful.

Usually, you won’t have to buy anything. A lot of what you need are things that you already have at home, so you can avoid wasting money if you plan your trip in advance.

Bringing too many things makes the trip uncomfortable with everything you have to lug around. More things means more things to worry about. Therefore, making smart choices of what you need will be very useful.

The things that you have to take to the pool for your baby vary according to his or her age, the time of day, where you’re going, the means of transportation and the amount of time you’ll be away from home.

Things You Should Take to the Pool for Your Baby

1. Sunscreen

This is a very important item that you absolutely shouldn’t forget. It’s the first thing you have to put in your bag. Protecting your baby’s skin should always be a top priority. He or she may need more specific care, depending on his or her age.

After babies turn six months old, specialist recommend that you can expose their skin to the sun, and not earlier. Therefore, you should apply SPF 50 sunscreen every two hours or when you notice that it’s dried or rubbed off. This product usually drips off in the pool.

2. Hat

To protect your baby’s head from the sun, it’s best to use a hat. It’s even better if it’s made out of cotton.

Remember that, until babies are two years old, their head is still sensitive. Also, they sweat less, so the hat won’t make them all sweaty.

3. Floaties

Under the supervision of their parents or guardians, children can go swimming in a pool. An essential safety measure is to set up floaties before they go in the water, according to their age and size.

11 Things You Should Take to the Pool for Your Baby

4. Toys

Babies won’t always enjoy being in the water. It’s necessary to bring certain toys for them to play with. If they play with balls, it should only be for a limited amount of time. If they’re very small, the child has no control over themselves and can fall into the pool trying to find a lost ball.

You can even bring the same toys that you use at home. They’re easy to use and your child is already familiar with them. Preferably, choose plastic toys.

5. Towel

Your day would be impossible if you forget this very important item. You should bring  at least two. 

You’ll use one to dry your baby when he’s done enjoying the pool and the other in case you have to place it on the floor next to you so he can play.

6. Drinking Water

It’s very important to always have water with you, even more so when it comes to taking your baby out into the sun. By frequently giving it to your baby, you’ll prevent him or her from becoming dehydrated. In addition, water is healthier than sodas or drinks with dyes, which aren’t good for you.

7. Food

It’s very important to bring your baby’s bottle. However, you should prepare it right when the baby will be drinking it because you don’t want it to go bad. Additionally, you should sterilize everything ahead of time.

You should also bring cereal, cookies and fruits to help hydrate your little one.

“After babies turn six months old, specialist recommend that you can expose their skin to the sun, and not earlier. You should always put sunscreen on them.”

8. Clean Clothes

You should bring an extra change of clothes. It’s not recommended to use the same clothes that they wore to the pool since they’re wet and probably dirty. They should be clean and dry when they come home. This way, the baby will feel refreshed and relaxed.

9. Bathing Suit

If your child is a girl, the best thing to do is put her in a one-piece swimsuit and not a two-piece. This way, she’ll be more comfortable and better protected from the sun’s rays.

For girls or boys, you can use wetsuits, which protect them from the sun and also serve as a swimsuit.

10. Refreshing Lotion

Once the relaxing day has come to an end, you should apply refreshing lotion to your baby’s body. This will help hydrate his or her skin, which was exposed to chemicals from the sun and the pool. Your child will love the fresh and hydrating feeling of the lotion.

11 Things You Should Take to the Pool for Your Baby

11. Inflatable Pools

When going to the pool with a baby less than six months old, the best idea is to bring a small inflatable pool. With this useful and safe inflatable, the baby can get used to the water without feeling afraid of drowning. Additionally, your baby will be under your direct care and supervision.

As we mentioned before, the things you should bring to the pool for your baby will depend on his or her age. What you should always remember is to balance protection and fun.

With these essential items, you and your baby will surely enjoy a refreshing time at the pool. Since it’ll be much easier on you, you’ll certainly go back again and again.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.