A Belt Invented to Allow Dads to Feel The Baby

A Belt Invented to Allow Dads to Feel The Baby

Last update: 10 March, 2018

Mothers experience unique sensations during pregnancy that men have no way of understanding. But now it’s possible for dads to feel the baby while they’re in the womb, thanks to this new invention.

Huggies has designed an electronic belt that allows the wearer to feel the baby’s movement. This is an ideal invention for your partner to be able to connect with this marvelous experience.

The mother’s emotions often stem from the feelings from the baby inside her. This is hard for someone who can’t feel them to understand.

Before this invention, the closest a father could get was to touch the mother’s belly and maybe feel something within. The sound of the baby’s heartbeat during a medical exam is another unforgettable connection.

How does this invention work?

The device created by Huggies is one of many innovative products that connect humans with technology. There are also devices that connect to your cell phone and allow you to monitor the pregnancy, almost like a portable ultrasound.

This new device is a belt, with two connected parts – one for the mother and one for the father.

On the mother’s side, the belt is designed with sensors that detect movement within the uterus. These electronic sensors connect wirelessly with another belt that fits around the father’s waist.

When movement is detected, it is transmitted with an identical pulse to the abdomen of the future father.

A Belt Invented to Allow Dads to Feel The Baby

The father’s device has a series of LED lights that are able to create a visual pattern through vibrations to signal where the movement was produced.

These vibrations are small but sufficiently intense to replicate what the mother experiences in real time and allow dads to feel the baby, too.

No excuses

Most men probably can’t even imagine what it means to be able to experience the movement of their child inside the womb. Some men might not even want to experience it.

Now with this invention, there are no more excuses. The father will have the opportunity to better understand what his pregnant partner is feeling.

It will also be a beautiful experience that will allow the whole family to connect. It might even improve relationships and give a new value to the moment.

Although pregnancy takes two, the mother carries the majority of the responsibility which makes the process even more difficult. Now thanks to this invention, the father will finally be able to experience some of the mother’s emotions and feelings during this beautiful moment.

A Belt Invented to Allow Dads to Feel The Baby

An advertising project

This invention came to life on Father’s day. The advertising company Ogilvy & Mather from Argentina teamed up with Huggies.

They tested it over a period of four months with future parents. During the testing period, they created a video where the invention is demonstrated. In the video, you can observe the emotional reactions of the fathers upon feeling their baby for the first time.

By then, the prototype was just an advertising project and not for sale. It is unknown if it will be available for sale in the future. It’s estimated to have a high production value that won’t be very popular for shoppers.

It’s definitely a great invention that specialists could perhaps incorporate. It could work alongside their instruments like 3D ultrasounds, that allow parents to see the baby very clearly and precisely in the uterus.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.