The Benefits of Swimming During Pregnancy

If you'd like to stay physically active while you're pregnant, keep in mind that swimming has countless benefits for future moms. We'll tell you more below.
The Benefits of Swimming During Pregnancy

Written by Óscar Dorado

Last update: 17 February, 2023

Swimming during pregnancy is an especially healthy exercise option.
If you’re awaiting the arrival of your little one, you’ll be glad to know that swimming is an aerobic exercise that is safe throughout pregnancy.

Unlike other more high-impact and tiring sports, swimming is a light exercise that is favorable during gestation. 

As long as future mothers have the proper authorization from their doctors, swimming is safe from the first trimester and onward.

Your doctor will assure you that this activity is safe both for you and your little one.

6 benefits of swimming during pregnancy

Below, we’ll describe 6 of the many benefits that swimming provides to expecting mothers:

1. Reduces back pain

Swimming is a sport that creates a significant reduction of the child’s weight on the mother’s spinal column.

During aquatic activities, whether it be swimming or water aerobics, gravity disappears and your weight is supported by the water.

This allows you to carry out movements without placing weight on your spinal column and joints.

In this type of training, there is no burden on your joints. This is especially beneficial in cases of excessive weight or obesity .

2. Benefits for your body

When you swim regularly and in moderation, it’s one of the best activities for burning caloriesFurthermore, it’s very helpful in promoting body relaxation, and at the same time, tones and slims your figure.

Swimming during gestation makes it much easier to shed those extra pounds we tend to put on during pregnancy. And it also improves muscle tone.

The Benefits of Swimming during Pregnancy

3. Relieves stress and muscle contraction

The constant massage that the water creates on the body allows future mothers to reduce stress. It also loosens those tight muscles that often accompany the gestation period.

You should keep in mind that water retention is a common symptom during pregnancy, especially in the lower extremities.

This can lead to stagnation and consequent swelling. Many women suffer from swollen feet and ankles while pregnant.

While in the water, you float. Your body weighs just a fraction of what it weighs on land. This produces relief on the pressure that both your lower and upper extremities feel.

At the same time, swimming is a very relaxing activity that allows you to stretch your arms and legs. This also relieves muscle tension.

“Feeling fat lasts nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever.”
–Nikki Dalton–

4. You’ll feel lighter

Future mothers that choose to swim during the 9 months of their pregnancy help their bodies feel better. This must be done consciously and under the strict guidance and control of a physician.

Among other things, swimming boost s diuresis, reduces bloating, and helps future mothers feel lighter overall

Swimming, therefore, allows pregnant women to find quick relief from many of the uncomfortable symptoms that are typical during gestation. 

At the same time, this activity promotes a good level of physical activity.

5. Psychological benefits

Future mothers that choose to swim while pregnant also enjoy psychological benefits. This sport relieves stress and tension and provides an escape from the problems of daily life.

Therefore, swimming not only contributes to physical well-being, but to a woman’s psychological well-being as well.

6. Water alleviates swelling

A woman’s feet and hands tend to swell during pregnancy due to fluid retention.

When you swim, your extremities are immersed in water, and this pushes the liquids back towards your kidneys. These liquids are then eliminated through your urine.

At the same time, swimming also improves your body’s circulation. This also contributes to the elimination of excess liquids in your feet and ankles.

The Benefits of Swimming during Pregnancy

The best swim strokes for pregnant women

Without a doubt, the breast-stroke is the most adequate stroke for pregnant women. This is because it doesn’t require torso rotation, nor does it involve considerable force.

During pregnancy, the spinal column and the pelvis tend to lean forward. However, the breast-stroke helps strengthen and relax all of the muscles in the back .

Another recommended swimming style is the back-stroke. This method involves no risk for the baby and helps reduce muscle pains that tend to build up during pregnancy.

In conclusion, it’s important to emphasize the importance of consulting your doctor and your gynecologist before beginning any exercise routine.

That way, you can avoid any problems that could arise as a result of physical activity.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.