I Cannot Stop Imagining How You Will Be

I Cannot Stop Imagining How You Will Be

Last update: 22 January, 2018

The long-awaited and sought-after day arrives; the test is positive! This result is a dream come true and marks the start of a great and exciting nine-month journey in which I will not tire. From that moment on, I won’t be able to stop dreaming about you, and imagining how you will be.

The first consultation with the specialist arrives. I promise to comply with each and every one of the indications given. I promise to protect this diamond in the rough and polish it with my deepest love. Love that comes from my heart which is now bursting with joy.

My little baby, I cannot stop looking at my belly, thinking that soon, I will start to see you grow in the world. My body will be your cradle till then. I will rock you day and night, singing the sweetest lullabies. I will establish endless conversations with you, my best friend and my most faithful and loyal companion.

I look forward intensely to experience this pregnancy; I will enjoy every second of the wonderful process. I hope with all of my heart to begin to feel you inside of me. Experiencing life, knowing that your little body develops and grows inside me.

Think of me as your shelter, sweater and natural food, all perfectly designed by nature for you, the most important person in my life. Dream and imagine about how your days and nights will be. Imagine me, your mother and know that you will be happy and complete by my side.

I am so curious of how you will be

I Cannot Stop Imagining How You Will Be

I share the same opinion as all of my loved ones that the most important thing is your health and well being. Therefore, your gender and imagining your face become secondary interests. I guarantee you eternal love, it doesn’t matter how you arrive. Boy or girl, brown hair, blond, it doesn’t matter.

However, I still cannot stop thinking about you. I think about your arrival, our first interaction. I think about your aroma, your face and the softness of your skin. I try to see you and know you before you arrive in order to satisfy my curiosity.

I already imagine your tiny fingers, your plump tummy and your little toothless smile. I become overwhelmed just by imagining you in my mind, enjoying the thought of having you in my arms. It is true that during moments like these, I cannot stop caressing my belly while thinking about you.

The thought of you sleeping on my chest and imagining your first smile melts my heart. I imagine myself covering your little feet with kisses. Feet that will soon find you taking your first steps.

You are the most perfect dream

Since the day I found out about your arrival in my life, I knew that many things would soon change. Nothing makes me happier than thinking about those changes.

I will take on this task that will form me as a person with love and respect. A women is rejuvenated when she lets her heart leave her body, as she becomes a mother.

I Cannot Stop Imagining How You Will Be

Today you have become my most perfect dream. A dream that awakens unthinkable and previously unexplored feelings and sensations.

You contain all of my hope and a substance that is perfectly designed to make every one of my dreams come true.

You are a teacher that God brought down in order to show me how to know and live in the most immense happiness. Despite any fear or doubt that may invade my mind, I know that you will endow me with power and bravery; you will give me strength to overcome any and every obstacle that may arise during my motherhood.

I want to see your smile feeding on mine. I want to be your accomplice and confidant. The miracle of life is truly amazing. I want to give you everything you need to make you the happiest child in the world.

My child, today you are the most intense desire that resides in my being. My reason for living, the motor that drives me to carry on. You are the most effective and powerful driving force.

Thank you for amazing me the way you do from the first minute. Take your time, I will wait for you as long as it takes because I know you will be worth every minute.

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