Dining Out While Pregnant: How to Eat Healthy

During pregnancy, it's important you eat healthy, even when you're dining out. That's why we want to give you some advice to help you make the right menu choices.
Dining Out While Pregnant: How to Eat Healthy

Last update: 12 October, 2018

Eating healthy while pregnant is incredibly important. You have to worry about your own well-being, as well as your baby’s. Also remember that your immune system changes during pregnancy. Keep this in mind in order to make healthy choices both while eating at home and dining out.

Although you shouldn’t deny yourself if you have a craving, remember that there are certain risks you need to avoid. However, dining out can be safe. We’ll show you how…

How to eat healthy while dining out during pregnancy

You should maintain healthy eating habits even when you’re eating out. Avoid foods that can cause problems for you or your baby. At the same time, increase you intake of beneficial foods.

Eating healthy while dining out: breakfast

To enjoy a healthy pregnancy, it’s important to be careful with your nutrition. Dining out should involve a balanced diet and include foods with various nutrients and vitamins. Whatever you choose should include the following:

  • Dairy: You should include dairy products in your diet every day. Consuming dairy during your pregnancy directly contributes to your baby’s proper development. While eating away from home, you can choose yogurt, cottage cheese, milk or other cheeses. However, you should avoid unpasteurized cheeses like feta, brie, blue cheese, etc.
  • Fruits: Fruits are an ideal choice at breakfast time, especially during pregnancy. They’re rich in vitamins, which is just what your body needs during this process. What’s great is that fruit is easy to find and eat when you’re out and about. We suggest choosing from the following: oranges, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, apples and peaches.
  • Grains: Cereals contain nutrients like selenium, iron and magnesium. They’re also excellent sources of B group vitamins, which are essential for the development of your baby’s body. They also help to form the placenta. Among the cereals we can look for while eating out are oats, whole wheat and rice.
Dining Out While Pregnant: How to Eat Healthy

Eating healthy while dining out: lunch

If you’re out of the house at lunch time, you can keep several details in mind when it comes to choosing. Normally, lunches tend to be heavier and excessive. Consider the following:

  • Legumes: These are a great source of proteins, and also contain folic acid, potassium, iron and magnesium. You’ll be sure to find them in a variety of restaurants. For example, they include lentils, garbanzos, and green peas.
  • Grilled chicken: Chicken contains proteins and other nutrients as well. It’s also a great remedy against tiredness and fatigue that are common ailments during pregnancy.
  • Vegetable stew: Vegetables are essential to obtain the vitamins our bodies need, many of which are hard to find in other types of food.

“D ining out should involve a balanced diet and include foods with various nutrients and vitamins”

Eating healthy while dining out: dinner

What you eat at night has a major influence on your rest. If you find yourself eating out at dinner time, you should choose something that’s as light and healthy as possible.  

  • Cesar salad: Contains a combination of romaine lettuce, garlic vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, croutons and egg. This is a great meal that you can order in many restaurants.
  • Cream of squash with cheese: Offers a great deal of energy and contains innumerable antioxidants. As for the benefits, it protects you and your baby from internal and external environmental factors.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables are, in general, a great option for a light meal. They provide multiple benefits and are easy to find when you’re away from home. For example, you have spinach, green beans, chard, etc.

Avoid unsafe foods

Some foods can be harmful to you and your baby. This may be because of the way they’re cooked or because of the germs and chemicals they contain.

When you’re away from home, you need to be extra careful with foods that can be harmful. Some examples of foods you should avoid when you’re out are beef, fish and certain dairy products.

Dining Out While Pregnant: How to Eat Healthy

Hygiene when going out to eat

Good hygiene when eating away from home is essential. There’s one thing you must always do before eating: Wash your hands

Why? Our hands are host to thousands of bacteria. Keeping your hands clean avoids the transmission of illnesses and infections to your body. This important habit isn’t only important when you’re eating out, but when you’re at home as well. Your hands are always exposed, no matter where you are.

Also be observant and check the appearance of the restaurant where you’re eating. Look at the utensils, the way foods are manipulated, overall cleanliness, etc. Remember that behind a pretty facade, there may be an unsanitary kitchen.

If you keep these suggestions in mind, you’ll be able to go out to eat and still get the proper nutrition you and your baby need. You just need to be careful and pay attention to detail.


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