Fit Moms: What Is This Popular Trend?

Should I exercise during pregnancy? Experts recommend it, as long as it's moderate. However, the trend of fit moms is where women don't leave their exercise routines during pregnancy. Find out all about it in this article.
Fit Moms: What Is This Popular Trend?
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

With the development of new technologies over the last few years, bloggers, influencers and “instamodels” have become very popular. However, the newest stars on social media are fit moms. 

Have you heard of this trend? Find out what it’s all about in today’s article.

Who are fit moms?

This part of social media is very trendy nowadays. In fact, fit moms are the new celebrities of Instagram. These are future mothers who are famous because they’re dedicated to exercise during pregnancy.

Physically, these women wear workout gear and have almost perfect bodies. They have famous social networks that have millions of followers and likes on every post. They have lots of people who love them, but also many people who criticize them.

Main characteristics of fit moms

In reality, it’s very simple to identify these fit moms. Fit moms have very specific characteristics that are very striking for everyone.

Many people often wonder how these mothers become so famous. Another distinguishing feature is that fit moms make constant posts of their bodies during pregnancy, and even submit videos of exercises.

Posting photos of everyday life on Instagram has become so viral that even future fit moms have adopted this practice. Additionally, it’s a trend that gets millions of likes per post, although it also causes some controversy.

Fit Moms: What Is This Popular Trend?

Pregnant women who don’t stop their workout routine: are there any risks?

In the past, doctors have recommended that pregnant women rest during their pregnancies and not do too much. However, nowadays there are more and more women who don’t want to give up their athletic and fit bodies. As a result, they continue their fitness routines while pregnant.

These pregnant women are called fit moms, and are very popular on social media nowadays. Some of the most famous are Chontel Duncan and personal trainer Emily Ross, or models like Sophie Guidolin or Sarah Stage.

All these fit moms are known to have documented their pregnancies through Instagram. There, they show their workouts and great bodies during their pregnancy. This is definitely an image that many other pregnant women are jealous of.

“Posting photos of everyday life on Instagram has become so viral that even future fit moms have adopted this practice. Additionally, it’s a trend that gets millions of likes per post, although it also causes some controversy.”

These sporty women have received just as much criticism as praise. While lots of people admire and applaud their lifestyles, others strongly criticize what they do, saying that it’s not healthy. 

Despite the criticism, they say they’re healthy and give their babies the right conditions to grow happily and correctly.

In medical terms, specialists say that doing some exercise during pregnancy is extremely healthy, as long as they’re working out moderately. That is, they shouldn’t excessively lift heavy weights or go for runs.

Points for and against this trend

You can really exercise during pregnancy, but always in moderation. Logically, these habits and the frequency of exercise will vary during the first, second and third trimester. Thus, it’s important to adapt your workouts to the stage of pregnancy that you’re in.

There are clear benefits of exercises for pregnant women. In fact, exercising improves blood pressure, decreases the risk of urinary incontinence, helps birth, control weight, decreases digestive discomfort, and more. Specialists say that when mothers work out during pregnancy, they have less problematic births.

Fit Moms: What Is This Popular Trend?

As for the points against it, experts also say:

  • Greater risk of miscarriage if you do intense physical exercise during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Lowers blood sugar for women with diabetes, due to physical exercise. In fact, this is known as hypoglycemia.
  • Possible harm to the baby. If the future mother didn’t exercise before pregnancy, it’s not a good idea to start while pregnant. In any case, you can opt for sports or gentle activities, like yoga.
  • Fractures and sprains. Don’t forget, your joints are very fragile during pregnancy.

These are the new starts of social media. Fit moms get thousands of followers, and lots of people love them. However, for others, they feel the opposite. This is a subject that without a doubt can be very controversial. Fit moms: is this a healthy trend?

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