How to Treat Flatulence During Pregnancy

Pregnant women may experience several types of discomfort due to the changes that pregnancy brings. One of these issues is flatulence, which is caused by gas buildup that presses on the uterus. How can you prevent and treat it?
How to Treat Flatulence During Pregnancy

Last update: 07 January, 2019

Flatulence during pregnancy is a problem that most women suffer. It occurs because of the multiple changes that pregnant women’s bodies go through.

The mother’s body secretes a hormone that slows down the digestive system for 9 months. As a result, the gases don’t eliminate quickly and build up in excess. The buildup becomes uncomfortable because of the pressure of the uterus on the intestines.

The discomfort that flatulence causes directly affects women’s way of life. This is because it forces them to change habits or daily routines to try and solve this problem. For all this, eating a healthy diet during pregnancy will be a big help.

Healthy habits to treat flatulence during pregnancy

To combat this problem, it’s essential for pregnant women to have a proper diet. A diet that contains fiber, as well as enough water, will soothe the discomfort. Your body will greatly benefit.

On the one hand, fiber helps fight constipation because it boosts the metabolism. In addition, it regulates the functioning of the digestive system. This is why we recommend consuming fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

Those with green leaves are great because they contain a considerable amount of insoluble fiberThis fiber helps increase the volume of stool and helps food move through the intestines. Among these vegetables are chard, celery, spinach, arugula, and more.

On the other hand, keeping hydrated is essential to improving digestion and avoiding excess gas. We recommend drinking 2 liters of water per day. In addition, we don’t recommend drinking liquids that contain gas.

How to Treat Flatulence During Pregnancy

Tricks and home remedies

As for drinking liquids, it’s ideal to drink directly without using straws. They actually can cause you to drink in air along with the liquid. This can produce more flatulence.

A homemade and natural remedy to relieve flatulence during pregnancy is dandelion tea. It’s a great option to reduce gas if you drink it regularly.

Another important fact is the way you eat. Eating several small meals a day slowly will give your intestine more time to digest. As a result, it will digest it better and more thoroughly.

It’s essential to avoid fatty and spicy foods in excess. These hinder the functioning of the digestive system by overloading it.

Apart from following a balanced diet, exercise is also important to good digestion. Staying active while pregnant is good, but only your doctor can tell you what kind of activity is right for you.

Finally, we recommend walking at least 30 minutes daily. The only exception to this is with high-risk pregnancies. For those, doctors recommend total or partial rest. Doctors prohibit physical activity that could jeopardize the baby’s or mother’s health.

“The mother’s body secretes a hormone that slows down the digestive system for 9 months. As a result, the gases don’t eliminate quickly and build up in excess.”

How to take care of gas daily

To maintain family outings or spend time with friends, these suggestions might be useful.

  • Choose restaurants with a variety of foods to choose from.
  • Select dishes from the menu that contain lean meats or vegetables.
  • Prefer meals that contain little oil or are cooked on the grill.
  • Choose places where there are several salads to add to your meal. Prioritize eating leafy green vegetables.
  • Avoid consuming soft drinks.
  • Control your portion sizes to avoid overeating.
  • Don’t use dressings, butter or hot sauces.
How to Treat Flatulence During Pregnancy

Other tips to relieve discomfort

In addition to all the previous points, here are more suggestions to combat flatulence during pregnancy.

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and cause discomfort in the belly. These can cause the uterus to press against the intestines.
  • Regularly practice yoga to relieve pain. This is because you stretch in different positions to help relax.

Ultimately, remember that if flatulence during pregnancy is prolonged and the symptoms get worse, you should go to the doctor. He’ll then give you the appropriate treatment.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.