8 Fun Games for Baby Showers

8 Fun Games for Baby Showers

Last update: 13 June, 2018

Baby showers are one of the most anticipated celebrations during pregnancy. Here are some great ideas that can make the event even more spectacular.

Baby showers are one of the most important events towards the end of a pregnancy. It’s the perfect excuse to meet up with friends and family in order to celebrate the baby’s arrival.

Here are some great games you can plan for your baby shower. Let the fun begin!

8 fun games for baby showers

The most anticipated moment for the guests in attendance at the celebration are the baby shower games. These games are sure to produce laughter and relaxation.

Ideally, you should meet or ask the guests previously in order to choose activities that suit their tastes and preferences. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Guess the size of the belly

This is a traditional and basic baby shower game and it’s also a lot of fun. All you need to do is ask each of the participants to write down on a sheet of paper the size that they think the pregnant woman’s belly is.

At the end of the game, the mother’s belly will be measured in front of everyone and the participant with the closest measurement wins.

  1. Dress the baby

This is another exciting game, you can assemble groups of participants and provide them with a doll and some clothes.

Each group will designate a delegate to dress the doll while blindfolded. The blindfolded participant will get directions from the other participants on how best to dress the baby.

There will be so many contradicting directions which makes this game a real recipe for laughter.

8 Fun Games for Baby Showers
  1. What are you eating?

In order to play this game, separate in teams of two. A member of the team must have their eyes blindfolded. One member of the team will be the mother and the other will be the baby.

The idea of this game is to feed the participant who pretends to be the baby. They must try to guess the taste of the food.

To complicate things, you can confuse the flavors with mustard, ketchup or garlic. Whoever guesses first wins.

  1. Who will finish the bottle first?

Prepare a few baby bottles, fill them with juice, soda, milk or beer and give it to the participants. Get all the participants in order and count down from 3 to begin.

The person who finishes first wins. Watching adults drink from a baby bottle is sure to create a lot of laughter.

“It is the perfect excuse to meet up with friends and family in order to celebrate the baby’s arrival.”

  1. Guess the famous mother

This is another great idea for baby showers. Make a list of famous mothers from movies or shows and place the names on sticky notes. To start the game, stick one of the notes on each player’s forehead without allowing them to see it.

Each player will have to ask for information from the other players in order to guess the famous mother they have on their forehead.

  1. What’s this for?

This is yet another fun game for baby showers that involves putting baby items inside of a bag. The participants should be blindfolded and have to take items out of the bag and guess what their use is based on touch.

You can put many items into the bag such as diapers, bottles, tubes of lotion or whatever else you can think of. The participant who guesses the most items correctly wins.

8 Fun Games for Baby Showers
  1. Because I say so

In order to play this game, write down the phrases most used by parents to give advice or reprimands. Once everyone is ready, place the phrases in a large bowl and mix them.

Pick out the notes one at a time and read them. All of the participants should try to guess which guest wrote the note.

  1. Baby pacifier

This exciting game requires two teams. Two members from each team should be blindfolded and one of them should be instructed to act like a baby.

The aim of the game is for one blindfolded participant to try to put a pacifier in the “baby’s” mouth.

They will count on the instructions from their team in order to get it done. The team who completes the task first wins.

In conclusion, games for the baby shower are intended to help the mother and her friends have fun and relax. These games will guarantee fun and laughter. Which game do you prefer?

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