The Harmful Effects of Family Problems during Pregnancy

The Harmful Effects of Family Problems during Pregnancy

Last update: 31 January, 2018

Living in a home where there are a lot of family problems can cause a great deal of stress for the mom-to-be and be harmful for her baby as well.
Nine months of pregnancy can go by in the blink of an eye. However, during this time period, there are several factors that may bring on stress for the mother.

Family fights and arguments don’t always go away without leaving scars. But when it comes to pregnancy, these kinds of disagreements can be especially damaging. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from constant problems.

Avoiding upsetting situations and emotional ups and downs during pregnancy can be beneficial both for the baby and the mother.

Unpleasant situations can often be avoided. However, sometimes there are problems that are too overwhelming, whether we are pregnant or not.

While it’s best to stay away from things that can negatively affect our pregnancy, it’s not always a possibility. 

Sometimes difficult financial situations or a couple’s disagreements can be an ongoing issue. This constant stress is something that can be more harmful to us than we think.

If we are expecting a baby, then it’s best to try to maintain as much emotional stability as possible.

how family problems can harm us during pregnancy

How can family problems be harmful during pregnancy?

Feeling burdened by family issues can harm a person’s health. Of course, sometimes there are simple annoyances that don’t have any major negative effects.

But when it comes to pregnancy, there can be consequences that have long-term effects. After all, the baby’s health and stability is conditioned by the mother’s well-being.

Stressful situations can be harmful to people in every sense. But in the case of pregnancy, any stress brought on by constant arguments or upsetting situations can bring on hormonal alterations. 
Any hormonal imbalance can affect the developing fetus, both physically and mentally.
These effects can manifest themselves in a number of ways. For example, they can bring on premature labor. They can also leave visible side effects after the birth of your child and in his future.
Among the most common consequences brought on by family issues during pregnancy are the following:
  • Imbalanced hormone levels as well as a pregnant woman’s nerves can cause the mother to go into premature labor, due to the increase in arterial pressure. At the same time, this can have negative effects on the baby’s development. In general, these circumstances cause alterations in the placenta. This places the fetus at high risk, which in turn induces premature labor.
  • When arguments are constant, and situations that cause stress for the family are ongoing during pregnancy, the baby begins to be affected as well. A constant state of stress during pregnancy can cause mothers-to-be to become depressed, and as a result, the development of the fetus may slow down. This is a common side effect related to depression in pregnant women.
harmful effects of family problems during pregnancy
  • If a fetus suffers due to his mother’s stress, depressive state, or family problems during gestation, the baby may be born with a low birth weight. This is due to the hormonal alterations that are produced as a result of emotional difficulties during pregnancy.
  • The development of the baby’s brain may also be affected by the abrupt emotional changes of her pregnant mother. Acute episodes of stress as well as ongoing problems during gestation can cause hormonal imbalances.
  • In some cases, a child’s behavioral issues are rooted in problems that existed during gestation. A child’s behavior can be affected by the future mother’s emotional ups and downs. This can be observed during the little one’s first few years of life.
  • In the case of very high stress or chronic emotional issues, a mother may even suffer a miscarriageFetal death is one of the most serious consequences that can come as a result of constant problems during a women’s pregnancy.
  • Another problem that may arise in the future as a result of hormonal imbalances caused by high stress levels and ongoing upsetting situations during pregnancy is childhood obesityAs we know, childhood obesity can be a precursor to obesity in adulthood, as well as other eating disorders.
  • As a result of slow prenatal development, children may also present cases of asthma or other pulmonary issues. An estimated 13% of children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of stress will later develop asthma – either at birth, or later on in their infancy.

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