5 Wonders That Are Exclusive Privileges Of Being A Mother

5 Wonders That Are Exclusive Privileges Of Being A Mother

Last update: 30 September, 2017

Certain privileges of being a mom are completely exclusive. Maternity is not something that can be easily explained and only those who have lived through it have the ability to fully comprehend it.

Luckily women have unique characteristics that allow them to complete a very valuable mission. It is not only a stage that we go through, being a mother is forever.

If we observe maternity in a conscious manner, we can enjoy the wonderful process that it is in every way. How do you explain what you feel? Many moments are unique especially when we know who to interprete and internalize them.

We are privileged to have the chance to carry another human inside of us and to be able to have an inevitably strong connection with our children.

Other privileges have to do with sensations that the deepest feelings provoke in us. Those who have never carried a child cannot understand this even if we explained it.

Many times they are emotions that would be impossible to believe if we didn’t live through them. In the following paragraphs we’ll summarize 5 wonderful moments that only mothers have the privilege of living.

5 magical moments of being a mom

Hearing a heartbeat inside of you

Pregnant woman ultrasound

One of the first moments of contact that we experience with our baby is hearing their little heartbeat. When we do the first ultrasound, it is a wonderful moment that confirms life. It is a sensation that you will never be alone again.

You can see your little one and hear their strong and marvelous heartbeat. Even though others can witness this event, nobody can experience it like a mother.

Feeling their movements and kicks

At any other time in life, feeling a sensation like this would be terrifying! Feeling something moving so strongly inside of you would definitely be frightening. However when we are pregnant it is a magical moment regardless of the time of day.

Feeling their first kick and getting accustomed to their movements is truly an exclusive privilege of motherhood. We know that certain movements can be uncomfortable and can cause some irritation.

However at the end of the day, the movements that you feel is your baby’s way of communicating with you. We should talk to them when we feel these movements; maybe they are also trying the same.

The first time you see and touch them

During gestation we learn a lot about our little ones, now you can even see images of them with precise detail during your pregnancy. However nothing compares to the sensation of being able to touch them. To feel their skin against yours.

The exclusivity of this moment resides in the fact that it not repeatable. This particular baby will never be seen with the same characteristics. Their temperature, skin tone and the characteristic swelling of newborns. This all soon disappears.

Enjoy the pleasure of holding your newborn baby against your skin. If you haven’t given birth yet, when it is your time, make sure no one holds your baby before you do. More than just being wonderful, this step is also beneficial to the little baby and it creates an irreplaceable bond.

When the baby searches anxiously for your breasts

This is something that all babies do instinctively. Only mothers can experience the privilege of having their baby try to locate their chest with so much desire.

It is a moment that leaves you breathless, because no one taught the newborn to do this. It is simply the fruit of evolution and the strong bond they share with you. They can be crying, have their eyes closed, be confused but they still can smell and sense what is important to them.

Feeling their intense gaze and love

Newborn breastfeeding

What would be of your baby if you weren’t there? They know, you are the most important person in their life. From this moment on, the bond becomes unbreakable. It is not just a sensation, the baby really looks at you with love . They admire you, you are their world, not only their source of food.

We have heard of babies crying because they miss their mothers and then calm down when they can sense them close by. However it is not the same to see it in other cases; when it really happens to us we understand it all. These are all exclusive moments that we have the privilege to experience. We should definitely feel immensely grateful.


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