7 Things a Couple Should Do Before Trying to Conceive

7 Things a Couple Should Do Before Trying to Conceive
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 28 April, 2024

A couple’s love story changes completely when children arrive. When there are only two, your priorities, activities and social relationships are totally different. That’s why today we’d like to talk about some of the things that couples should do before trying to conceive.

When you’ve fully enjoyed the experience of being together as a couple and then decide you’d like to have a family together, then you’ll have to start organizing things for a totally different lifestyle.

Preparing is essential in order for you to provide for your baby in every way so that he’ll grow up healthy and happy. Here are some recommendations that may help you to plan what you need before trying to conceive.

“The place where children are born and men die, where freedom and love flourish, is not an office or a business or a factory. That is where I see the importance of the family”
–Gilbert Keith Chesterton–

Things that couples should do before trying to conceive

Say goodbye to your current contraceptive

Some months before conception, you must stop using contraceptive pills or injections or request the removal of any contraceptive device. The purpose of doing this is for your menstrual cycle to return to its normal course.

Contraceptives modify hormone levels and you need time for them to return to normal again too. During this process you should see your doctor to ask him for advice.

Stop harmful habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy are extremely risky habits, and so it is very important that you make every effort to give them up. This also applies to fathers: alcoholic beverages and nicotine can decrease their sperm count. For a fertile and healthy body you should give up these unhealthy habits.

Decrease caffeine consumption

It has been shown that excess caffeine can increase the chances of a miscarriage. A small cup of coffee occasionally won’t hurt, but an excess during pregnancy is not a good idea. Remember to also reduce the intake of soft drinks, energy drinks or tea, which are also high in caffeine.

Prepare your body for changes: control your weight

It is quite normal for you to put on a few pounds during pregnancy, but everything must be kept within healthy limits. As part of the preparation process, both the mother and father should establish an exercise routine. Taking walks or doing some sort of fitness class together will allow you to share more time together, and prepare the mother’s body to receive the baby.

Open a savings account

When you start the process of conception and prepare for pregnancy, expenses that you didn’t have before begin to appear. It is essential that you budget well for the arrival of the baby. One of the things that couples must do before trying to conceive is to prepare a financial plan that provides stability, planning and future security.

Other very important aspects

Establish a balanced diet

Both fathers and mothers should make sure they consume food that will improve their metabolic functions. It is advisable for mothers to take vitamin supplements or folic acidThese supplements also decrease the chances of brain disorders, anemia, bone and muscle problems, among other conditions.

7 Things a Couple Should Do Before Trying to Conceive

Give special priority to sleep

It’s not a secret that, with the arrival of the baby, your sleep routines will change. That’s why it’s important for the couple to stay relaxed and rested. It has also been shown that women who don’t get enough sleep have less regular ovulation periods. Believe it or not, sleep quality is a determining factor for fertility when trying to conceive.

Find a way to fight stress

High levels of stress in men and women greatly affect their ability to conceive. Once you’ve decided to become a parent, you must find activities and methods to deal with situations of stress and anxiety.

Taking a walk, practicing relaxation techniques, listening to music, painting or writing are good alternatives to help you clear your mind.

“It is advisable for mothers to take vitamin supplements or folic acid during pregnancy”

You must also think more about your physical and emotional well-being. If you feel good about yourself then conception and pregnancy will be memorable experiences that you can enjoy to the fullest. The right place to live is also important, so that your family will have space to grow comfortably.

Listen to the experiences of other parents in order to get to know, and put into practice, more things that couples must do before trying to conceive. Any advice from someone you trust who has gone through this stage will be a great help to guide you.

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