Habits that Cause Infertility in Men

There are certain habits that affect men's fertility which most people are unaware of. Some men think their partners are responsible for their inability to get pregnant, when in fact they may need to make a few simple changes.
Habits that Cause Infertility in Men

Written by Yamila Papa

Last update: 27 December, 2022

When a couple decides to have a child and then goes several months without getting pregnant, it’s common for the woman to feel she’s “responsible.” However, it’s worth learning about certain habits that cause infertility in men so they can be changed. Find out more below.

Common habits that cause infertility in men

Both members of a couple should analyze their behavior and daily activities before trying to conceive. It’s true that women are often the most cautious in these cases, as they’re the ones who will carry the baby for nine months.

Instead, learning about the following habits that lead to infertility in men and changing them can be all you need to get pregnant:

1. Sedentary Lifestyle

Being sedentary is bad for men and women, but for men, it has disastrous consequences for the production and quality of sperm. 

Sitting all day at an office in front of a computer and not doing any kind of sport increases testicular temperature, which reduces the quantity of sperm.

Habits that Cause Infertility in Men

2. Excessive exercise

As they say, “avoid extremes.” Another habit that leads to infertility in men is overly-intense, prolonged, or frequent exercise. 

Men who go to the gym every day, lift too much weight, and consume substances to increase muscle mass often have difficulty conceiving.

This is due to the fact that too much exercise changes the metabolism, keeping muscles and organs from recovering correctly. Because of this, it’s recommended that you work out three times a week at a moderate pace. And leave the body-building products alone!

3. Stress

Men who are stressed have more trouble achieving erections and maintaining a full sexual relationship. Premature ejaculation and low sperm count are also related to this problem that has become so common these days.

Additionally, we should add the emotional and cultural pressure that comes along with struggling to get pregnant. This also creates stress. An anxious, nervous couple will have  a lower chance of conceiving than one who takes things calmly and enjoys every moment.

4. Cigarettes and alcohol

Two of the most common habits that lead to infertility in men are often overlooked. Tobacco takes oxygen out of the blood, which translates to problems maintaining an erection and producing quality sperm.

Likewise, alcoholic drinks have a noxious effect on men’s health. They alter their metabolic processes and reduce sperm production. 

If a couple does achieve pregnancy and the father is an alcoholic, there are major risks that the baby will suffer from psychological problems, as well as developmental and behavioral ones.

5. Nutrition

Don’t leave out diet when you’re trying to understand your fertility struggles. Nutrition plays a very important role in our day-to-day lives. Everything depends on what we eat, and how much of it.

Habits that Cause Infertility in Men

There isn’t a specific list of foods that cause infertility in men. However, we do know that sugars, fats, and refined flours are bad for your health. It’s also a good idea to avoid soda and coffee to improve sperm quality.

Likewise, it’s important to keep body weight in mind. Obesity is related to infertility. The same is true for men whose weight is abnormally low for their age and height.

In this last case, certain drugs can alter the hormonal processes that are required to produce quality sperm. If you’re undergoing medical treatment, it might be the reason you’re struggling to conceive.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.