The Advantages of Getting Pregnant in the Winter

If you and your partner are able to plan ahead, getting pregnant in the winter has a number of advantages. Of course, every woman's experiences with pregnancy are unique. However, when it comes to winter conceptions, most women agree on the benefits. Keep reading to find out more.
The Advantages of Getting Pregnant in the Winter

Last update: 16 December, 2019

When’s the best time of year to get pregnant? Taking the health and well-being of both the expectant mother and her baby into account, the first months of winter are ideal. Getting pregnant in the winter means that the final trimester of a woman’s pregnancy will take place in a pleasant climate, but without the extreme heat of summer.

Pregnancy and heat: A disadvantageous duo

During gestation, the internal temperature of a woman’s body goes up. Hot weather is uncomfortable enough as it is… Swollen feet, the contraction of blood vessels in order to cool off your body, as well as other natural mechanisms. These issues only multiply during pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body begins to swell from head to toe. It’s very common for women to be unable to put on the even most casual of shoes… not to mention dress shoes! If you add an atmosphere of extreme temperatures, then stress can be a clear consequence.

The exhaustion that summer heat causes can trigger prostaglandin and oxytocin hormones in pregnant women. In turn, this situation can cause a woman to go into labor. In fact, premature births are all too frequent in the summer. Therefore, women who are pregnant need to be especially careful during the hot summer months.

The advantages of getting pregnant during the winter

Taking into account the risks of excessive heat during the last months of gestation, women should at least consider the possibility of planning their pregnancy for winter. Therefore, taking a look at the different stages of pregnancy and what season they’ll take place in is worth your while.

The Advantages of Getting Pregnant in the Winter

  • The first advantage is that you’ll be able to enjoy your belly for the entire duration of your pregnancy.
  • Getting pregnant in the winter means you’ll avoid uncomfortable swelling. Fluid retention weighs pregnant women down, and this only becomes worse in the summer. In cooler seasons, however, these symptoms are considerably easier to manage.
  • Less dizziness. A woman’s cardiovascular system accelerates during pregnancy. The heart speeds up the rhythm with which it pumps blood. At the same time, the volume of blood the heart pumps increases by up to 50%. These changes can cause women to feel light-headed, especially on days when it’s really hot out.
  • Comfort while moving around. Going for walks is very important during pregnancy, which helps to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms that are typical during gestation. If the weather is pleasant and cool, then you’ll be able to exercise more comfortably and without increased risk.
  • A better night’s sleep. The last trimester of pregnancy is famous for how hard it is for gestating mothers to sleep well. If we add hot temperatures to the heaviness, leg cramps, dizziness, and lack of sleep, stress levels go up.
  • Better circulation, less varicose veins. As the uterus grows, circulation in a woman’s body slows down. The pressure on her veins keeps the excess blood in her body from flowing properly. If you add the poor circulation that very hot weather produces, then the chances of developing varicose veins increases.

Further advantages to becoming pregnant in the winter

Studies have shown that there are health benefits to getting pregnancy in the winter and giving birth in mild weather conditions. Therefore, planning your conception during the winter months is more than just a practical decision.

Loose-fitting winter clothing looks elegant along with a mother’s growing belly, and stretchy pants are super comfortable. And when summer rolls around, you’ll be able to use your summer favorites with your newborn baby in your arms.

The Advantages of Getting Pregnant in the Winter

And finally, we can’t forget to consider the advantages for babies when it comes to getting pregnant in the winter. Babies who are born in the summer are less prone to catching colds and other typical winter illnesses. What’s more, summer babies will have more exposure to the sun. This, in turn, boosts vitamin D levels, benefiting their muscles and bones.

In conclusion, a healthy, typical, well-cared-for pregnancy can be much more pleasant and comfortable if it starts in the winter. Just the same, it’s important to relax. Planning for a pregnancy isn’t something you do every day, so don’t get too wrapped up in the details.

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