5 Ways to Moisturize Dry Skin During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, changes occur that require you to keep your skin hydrated. Learn 5 ways to care for dry skin during pregnancy.
5 Ways to Moisturize Dry Skin During Pregnancy

Last update: 18 February, 2022

During pregnancy, changes occur in our bodies that require us to keep our skin hydrated. So, in the following article, we’ll share 5 ways to moisturize dry skin during pregnancy.

We know that there are different types of skin–balanced, oily, and one of the most problematic is dry skin.

Dry skin is easy to recognize. We can identify it because it tends to crack in some areas of the body, is distinguished by having very fine pores, looks tight or rough, and in most cases, it itches and looks dull.

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s possible for your skin to become drier than usual, and this is certainly a factor of concern because these changes can facilitate the appearance of unsightly stretch marks or other lesions.

Enemies of radiant skin

Even knowing that, during pregnancy, the body is changing, there are some enemies to radiant skin that we must stay away from.

The number one enemy of a healthy and fresh dermis is poor nutrition because eating foods high in vitamins and minerals provides a good part of the hydration we need. All this must be accompanied by the most important drink: Water.

Your enemies also include air pollution and extreme weather changes, so you must protect your skin from external agents with sunscreen.

And finally, the lethal enemy of healthy skin during pregnancy is smoking. It deteriorates your health, dries and dulls the skin, among other even more negative consequences.

The best way to partner with your skin is to know it thoroughly in order to use the right products and treatments.

Other factors

Dry skin tends to wrinkle and age many times, not only due to external agents but also due to genetic factors. If someone in your family has a tendency to dry skin, especially during pregnancy, you may have the answer to your doubts.

Hypothyroidism also tends to cause dry skin during pregnancy because the body doesn’t produce enough hormones from the thyroid. This causes the glands to stop sweating or producing the natural oil that usually moisturizes and protects.

Psoriasis can also cause dry skin. This is a disease that’s identified by dry spots that form on different parts of the body, such as elbows or knees.

5 Ways to moisturize dry skin during pregnancy

Lotion on a person's skin.

There are different ways to moisturize dry skin during pregnancy, but we’ll recommend the 5 most effective:

1. Natural oils. If you want to moisturize your skin deep down, there’s no better element than oil. The most effective options are almond oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and sesame oil.

2. Aloe or aloe vera. The gel from these plants powerfully moisturizes, cleanses, regenerates, nourishes, and repairs the skin.

3. Avocado. This vegetable fights dryness in a simple and natural way. The way to apply it is by crushing it until you create a homogeneous mask to spread it on the affected areas.

4. Traditional lotions. Use whatever lotion you like at least once a day and after bathing to keep your skin fresh.

5. Vaseline. The use of this transparent product with a gentle smell and dense texture achieves incredible results on your skin, leaving it soft and velvety.

Natural treatments can help just as much as pharmaceutical treatments when it comes to hydration.

Other recommendations regarding dry skin during pregnancy

A person applying lotion to a woman's hands.

To have better results with a soft, fresh, and healthy appearance, some recommendations should be taken into account:

Avoid using soaps that contribute to dry skin
– Avoid taking showers with hot water
– Take collagen pills if recommended by a specialist
Make-up removers should contain moisturizing properties
– Preferably, use products such as gel lotions or lotions. In addition to taking into account natural treatments based on oatmeal, honey, or yogurt.

If you want to look fantastic, soft, and hydrated during the most beautiful stage of life, pregnancy, you just have to take into account these wonderful and important tips and recommendations.


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