Benefits of Pregnancy: It's Not Just Discomfort

Benefits of Pregnancy: It's Not Just Discomfort

Last update: 16 September, 2017

Pregnancy is complex in many ways. We may concentrate on the discomforts and worries, but that’s not to say it doesn’t also have some benefits. It is a very emotional time and beautiful from many perspectives. Plus there are also many surprising benefits of pregnancy.

Some people will ask, “What advantages are there to being pregnant?” It’s normal to think about all the bad aspects, because this is how it is usually described. The symptoms of pregnancy are neither comfortable nor pleasant, and childbirth is scary just to think about. However, not everything about this process is bad.

We know that many of you have also seemed to have benefited from pregnancy. Apart from the uncomfortable and bothersome changes, emotionally we can become radiant. We’ll describe other advantages of being pregnant below.

6 Benefits of Pregnancy

Let’s stop thinking for a moment about nausea, stress and weight gain. Let’s begin to enjoy our pregnancy in all its possibilities. Consider that you benefit from this process in a possibly permanent way. Some of the benefits of pregnancy are the following:

Living a healthy life

An unavoidable advantage consists of improving everyday habits. From the moment we find out we’re pregnant, we begin to take care of ourselves in many ways. A healthy life arises in part from this stage, which you can perhaps maintain for a much longer time.

The start of a balanced diet, plus the incorporation of essential vitamins and nutrients, contributes to better health. In addition, we watch what we eat, how often we eat and the quantities we consume.

While we are concerned about health, during this time we are also concerned about aesthetics, not wanting to gain too much weight or end up with stretch marks.

Our health begins to take on the importance it should have always had. From now on, we improve our diet, reduce or eliminate bad habits and see the doctor more often.

Menstrual pain and discomfort disappear

As you might suppose, during pregnancy we don’t have to worry about the pains caused by menstruation. Menstrual symptoms cease, at least during the months of pregnancy. In some cases the cycle improves after childbirth, and abdominal cramps definitely reduce permanently.

It is a great advantage to be able to free ourselves for a few months from the purchase and use of pads. It’s definitely a great opportunity to rest from this monthly burden after so many years.

Increasing social relations

Although pregnancy limits us in terms of going to parties and amusement parks, during this time our social life improves in many ways. Pregnant women talk to each other in prenatal consultations, shops or public places where they happen to meet. This allows you to make friends more easily.

Other pregnant women may offer you conversation, asking you about the sex of your baby, inquiring about how you’ll give birth or worrying about whether you are comfortable.

In the family, pregnant women begin to be more spoiled and treated like queens. In short, there are exclusive advantages for mothers, which we should take advantage of.

Pregnancy helps prevent cancer

Recent studies have demonstrate that the risks of suffering from cancer are reduced when we have been pregnant. It seems that both pregnancy and lactation contribute to a decrease in the risk of breast cancer.

Our appearance improves

In most cases women experience an improvement in certain aspects of their physical appearance. For example, hair becomes more beautiful during pregnancy with more body and volume, and the amount of hair lost decreases. Bust size also increases, which is an additional benefit for women who have complaints about the size of their breasts.

Improved sex life

While we experience pregnancy, we undergo a change at the psychological level that allows us to be more relaxed. For example, we do not have the fear of a pregnancy, so we do not feel pressured when having sex.

We are likely to feel less inhibited and perhaps even feel an increase in libido. Either way, it is known that the increase of blood flow to the pelvic area causes increased sensitivity in the genitals.




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