Postpartum Girdles: Are They Recommended?

Postpartum Girdles: Are They Recommended?

Last update: 18 April, 2018

Postpartum girdles have become very popular, however there are people who still doubt their benefits.

Many mothers resort to the girdle in order to recover the figure they had before pregnancy.

Postpartum girdles are one of the most used garments for losing weight after pregnancy. But are they recommended?

During pregnancy, the uterus increases in size considerably and this in turn stretches the abdominal muscles and skin.

When the big day arrives, the baby is born and the uterus returns to its original size.

But the abdomen muscles remain stretched out without being able to return to their original position as quickly as the new mother expected.

Yet her life continues and she makes bold moves forward towards happiness alongside her baby.

Mothers often want to have it all. This includes having both the cutest baby and also the body they had before giving birth.

As a result, new mothers turn to different weight loss methods such as dieting, supplements and exercise. These are just a few of the available options for women who want to recover their figure.

The anxiety to get their old figure increases with the passage of time. That’s why some of them choose to use the postpartum girdle.

In this article we’ll evaluate this option.

Postpartum girdles

Postpartum girdles are designed to mold the mother’s body after delivery. There are many different models, colors and materials available.

If you’re looking to adjust your waist, the tube girdle is recommended. The girdles that are shaped like shorts help to mold the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

In terms of material, there are models made of cotton and others of microfiber. Some are made with plush fabrics; these are recommended in order to avoid skin irritation. Many girdles are also adjustable.

Girdles made out of microfiber are the most flexible ones. They’re also recommended in order to prevent excessive sweating.

Mothers postpartum girdle

When should you use a postpartum girdle?

This article shouldn’t be used immediately after giving birth. After giving birth naturally, it’s recommended that mothers wait a couple of days before using the girdle.

They are recommended to be used before a mother completes the so-called quarantine period since the muscles in the abdomen are in a more anatomical position at that time.

The postpartum girdle reinforces the lower back and also improves the new mother’s aesthetics. Therefore, it contributes to the mother feeling better on the inside and out.

Tubular postpartum girdles are mostly recommended for women who have had vaginal delivery. They don’t restrict the crotch area and are more comfortable while sitting.

In the case of cesarean sections, the opinion of using a postpartum girdle is a bit more controversial.

Some specialists believe that girdles should be used since they help with healing and reducing inflammation. Others believe girdles shouldn’t be used until the cesarean wound heals completely.

Keep in mind that the use of girdles aren’t the only option to recover your figure. Exercise and a healthy diet will help you achieve the desired result in record time.

“Postpartum girdles are designed to mold the body after delivery. You can find many different models, colors and materials.”

Advantages of the postpartum girdle

  • They correct and maintain good posture while walking or sitting.
  • Girdles help recover muscles and organs in a quick and natural way.
  • They contribute to portraying a healthy figure.
  • Depending on the material, they can be very comfortable.
  • They reduce the feeling of absence in the abdomen.
  • They help relieve pain.
Cesarean scar

Disadvantages of the postpartum girdle

  • Using girdles for a long period of time can prevent muscles from working properly on their own.
  • They can cause allergic reaction and slow healing.

Girdles don’t work miracles; it all depends on how the mother’s body was before pregnancy. The woman’s diet, and frequency and intensity with which they exercise are also deciding factors.

Advice on the use of postpartum girdles

Consult your doctor before using a postpartum girdle. They’ll indicate what kind is most recommended.

The frequency and use should be increased slowly. The time and frequency of use depends on each woman. It’s important to take rest days between use.

The best way to select the ideal size is with the waist measurement. Don’t select girdles that are too small; they’re uncomfortable and they don’t look good.

Exercise and a healthy diet low in fat and full of vitamins and protein are great tools to help strengthen your muscles.

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