Best Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

Are you planning a vacation in the sun, or signing up for swim classes? If so, we've prepared a list of four types of swimsuits for pregnant women that will help you make a great choice.
Best Swimsuits for Pregnant Women
María José Roldán

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 January, 2019

An essential accessory for expectant mothers about to head out on vacation is a bathing suit. All future moms look for the ideal piece that highlights their shape and ensures comfort. But c hoosing from all the swimsuits for pregnant women can be tricky.

Should it be one-piece or two-piece suit? Is it okay to wear a bikini? These are just a few of the questions that may arise. Stay calm, because there is no definite rule!

Every pregnant woman chooses a bathing suit based on her own wishes. All styles, colors and patterns are allowed. But we suggest you consider a few factors before choosing your ideal swimsuit.

Swimsuits for pregnant women

1. Classic one-piece bathing suit

As for swimsuits for pregnant women, the classic one-piece swimsuit always represents a perfect choice that suits all body types. It also makes a great choice for the third trimester of pregnancy to support the breasts and protect the belly from sunburn.

It’s also a comfortable style for moving and swimming freely. This perfect choice allows you to hide the thin hyper-pigmented line that sometimes appears on the belly during pregnancy. You can choose styles with knots, fashionable colors and attractive prints.

2. Two-piece bathing suit or bikini

This style is the perfect choice for the first trimester if you want to display your silhouette. For the top part of the swimsuit, try to choose a style that offers good support for the breasts. It’s advisable to avoid those that tie around the neck or don’t have straps.

As for the bottom part, don’t choose a low-cut design. We recommend the shorty swimsuit.

Best Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

3. Tankini, the perfect option for pregnant women

This bathing suit for pregnant women adapts to all body types and perfectly protects your belly from the sun’s rays.

The tankini is a perfect mix between a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini. It consists of a tank top combined with a panty-style bottom. It’s ideal for the second trimester and for pregnant women who don’t want to wear a one-piece.

4. Trikini, the revolution in bathing suits

Finally, the trikini has revolutionized bathing suits. This style unites the bikini pieces via a narrow piece of fabric in the front.

In addition to showing off your female silhouette, it’s very sexy, whether or not your pregnant. It looks good in the last weeks of pregnancy, even for future moms who have gained a lot of weight.

Tips for choosing swimsuits for pregnant women

1. Comfort

First of all, adapt the style of your swimsuit to your desired activity. For walks on the seashore and sunbathing, bikinis and tankinis are highly suitable.

In a swimming pool, a one-piece bathing suit is ideal for long strokes, and a style with straps that cross in the back guarantees comfort.

“Every pregnant woman should choose a bathing suit by taking into account her own wishes. All models, colors and patterns are allowed.”

2. Support

The best swimsuits for pregnant women have the best support, especially in these three areas of the body: the hips, the breasts and the belly.

For a one-piece swimsuit or tankini, choose a model that has integrated support in the bust and abdomen to better support your breasts.

3. Material

Choose soft fabrics that dry quickly. Maintaining a bathing suit means it will last for a long time. Rinse it as soon as possible after getting out of the water to prevent salt or chlorine from chewing through the fiber.

Best Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

4. Sizes

When choosing a swimsuit while pregnant, consider your typical size before pregnancy. This is the essential starting point when choosing your best swimsuit.

If your body hasn’t changed much yet and you’ve only noticed an increase in the belly and hips, it’s possible to opt for a swimsuit that you would have worn before pregnancy.

If, on the other hand, your silhouette has changed a lot during pregnancy, you should choose a swimsuit one size up for every 15 pounds you’ve gained.

In short, it’s recommended that you take advantage of this special moment of your life to enjoy yourself and feel proud of your body’s transformations.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.